Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Today, Josue went to the doctor.  At 16 months, he is all the way up to 17.5 pounds.  He still has a ways to go, but he is getting there.  Sure and steady wins the race.  Vitamins are being changed again.  His height is almost at the bottom of the chart and the weight still is not even on the chart yet.

For the most part, Josue did well.  In any unfamiliar situation, he still goes rigid and cries, making for a long day since everything is an unfamiliar situation.  It was a long day any way.

Josue was a very sweet personality.  As long as he was near Nicole or I, he was content.

Please keep praying for this little one.  Like I said, he has a long way to go.  But praise God he is going.

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