Saturday, April 6, 2013

Simple Pleasures Are The Best

Remember how much fun it was to ride in the back of a pickup?  Remember when it was still legal?

Riding in the back of pickup is not illegal in Honduras.  And, I am sometimes amazed at how people are in the backs of some pickups.

Today, both the van and the trooper were out of commission.  This posed a small problem since there was school this morning. 

We don't usually let our kids ride in the back of a pickup, but we  had to get to school.  I drove and Maryuri, Katy and Nohemy rode in the cab with me.  Nicole rode in the back with the other kids.  They were so excited when they realized they were getting to ride in the back.

Their hair was blowing in the wind and from what I could see, and hear, they were having a great time.  I hit a bump a little too hard.  They screamed and bounced around.  Nicole said they were pretty dramatic with that.  The bump was  not really that hard. 

The ones in the front had almost has much fun as the ones in the back.

Monday morning, everyone will be back in the van as the mechanic is here right now. 


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