Monday, January 30, 2012

Did You Hear Me Breathe A Huge Sigh Of Relief?

It has definitely been one of those manic Mondays.

Now that there are seven kids in the Brumley cottage, Mirian needs one of the housekeeping staff in her house.  We put Reina in there to help Mirian.   Reina had to be off today because her son had surgery.  Yesterday, I found a relief person to help Mirian today.  Normally, I would do that rather than paying the wages for a relief person.  But, I was working in the big house today and Nicole was leaving for Teleton at 6:30.  There was not an option but to hire someone.

I was feeding the kids breakfast when Dilica came rushing in saying her daughter was really sick and she might have to leave early.  Dilcia comes on Monday morning, cooks and cleans all day, stays in the big house with the kids on Monday night and works all day Tuesday before leaving.  My mind went into high speed.  Dilcia started the laundry and started lunch, which I greatly appreciated.  If I was there by myself with 12 kids, I did not want to have to cook lunch and try to supervise the children at the same time.  Dilcia is always efficient, but she worked faster and harder today.

AT 3:00, Dilcia found out her daughter was needing an emergency appendectomy.  At least, today's work was done.  Again, normally, I would stay in the big house tonight but Mirian is leaving in the morning for her days off.  I have to be in her house from the time she leaves until her relief person arrives.  There is an hour overlap in the morning and I could not be in both houses.  I tried calling the person who does nights for vacations and days off and got no answer.  I was quickly formulating plans B, C, and D.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do, but I had to have someone to be in Mirian's house at 5:45 in the morning or spend the night in the big house.  Foturnately, plan B was able to come to work tonight.

Just as I was resolving that and going on to the next crisis, there was a horn at the gate.  One of the kids ran to get the key and opened the gate.  In drove, Karen, Dorian and Korbin.  Oh yes, I am sure you heard the sigh of relief I breathed.

Karen is the best children's home director any children's home could ever hope for.  I am very glad she and Korbin are well.  I am glad they got to spend Christmas in the states with Karen's family.  And I am even more glad she is home.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Beach Trip 2012

I had talked about a beach trip with the kids while school was out.  Originally, Marc wanted to do it January 2.  I vetoed that.  That had been too much excitement with Christmas and New Year's.  I thought we left it at we will go the last Saturday in January or the first Saturday in February.  The next thing I knew, the kids were telling me we were going to the beach on January 28. 

Yesterday was visitation.  I was questioning the wisdom of planning a beach trip the same weekend as visitation.  Emotions were all over the place yesterday morning.  Excitement about going to the beach.  Excitement about visitation.  Fear that mom wouldn't show up.  And it was one of the worst visitations ever.  I was hoping that the beach trip would temporarily ease the pain of visitation.

You can't believe how much work it is to do a one day beach trip.  Maybe, that is why it has been two years since we went. 

I told the kids I would get them up at 5:45.  We would have devo at 6:00, breakfast at 6:30, chores and leave at 7:30.  I was up there long before 5:45.  When I touched the doorknobs of the rooms at 5:45, they began to pop out of bed.  I sure don't see that at 6:45 other mornings.   At the end of devo, I said we would eat, and do chores.  Then I said the homework this morning was really long and really hard and as soon as everyone was finished, we would leave for the beach.  I expected everyone to groan and argue with me.  Instead, they sat in stunned silence.  When I said, "just kidding", there was a roar that could have been heard at the beach.  Chores were done in record time and only one person had to redo his chore.

We were delayed leaving because the van had a  flat and that had to be fixed.  The van and white mitsubishi pulled out of the gate at 7:50 for what should have been a two hour drive to the beach.  Matt was driving the car and I was with him.  Any puked.  We stopped.  I unloaded all the little kids out of the car and we cleaned everything up.  I don't do puke very well.  I was a nervous wreck with the little kids out of the car.  When we are finally loaded and on the road again, the car overheats.  To the side of the road again.  And Any pukes again. And Jackson pukes. We need dramamine for the next trip.  We found out there were two pukers in the van as well.  Adventures in Honduras.  When we finally got enough water in the radiator and got the engine really cool, we had no more problems.  We arrived at the beach about an hour later than expected.  The kids were amazingly patient.

We went to Amapala, which is an island.  We have to take a water taxi, which is my least favorite part of the whole trip.  Loading 21 kids and all of our stuff in and out makes me sick.  I am so afraid of a kid jumping off the side or tipping the boat.
Loading the water taxi

Most of us have been to this beach before.  As we rounded the bend and started to enter the cove, there is a big cheer as the beach comes into sight.

After unloading the boat, I breathe a huge sigh of relief.  And the fun begins.  I let them have fun and wasn't too anal about everything.

Cris liked the sand much more than the water

Some men had a big catch of stingrays and were cleaning them.  The kids loved this, especially the boys.

Someone had given us some money to do something special for the kids as a whole.  We decided this was the day to do that.  We bought a fried fish dinner at the beach for all the kids and the staff that went with us.
 Little Miss Any was an eating machine

I can honestly say everyone enjoyed this treat.  I did.  The fish was seasoned to perfection.

We went back in the water for another hour.  Then the 40 baleadas we brought with us were devoured and the snacks the kids had purchased with their allowance.  I was thinking everyone will be puking for the trip home. 

The last time we went to the beach was two years ago.  We went with the whole town.  On Holy week.  It was so hard to keep up with all the kids.  This was so much fun today.  There was hardly anyone else on the beach or in the water.  It was a great Casa day.  It was a long day.  But a fun day.  Some didn't make it far after we got back to the cars.
I think we all wished we could have done this.

After we got home, I let my employees start showering and feeding the kids.  I knew they would soon be in bed.  I went to the pila and rinsed a couple of tons of sand out of the wet clothes and then threw everything in the washer.  I decided everything else could wait until tomorrow to be cleaned and put away.  And now it is time for me to go to bed, too.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Finished - The First Pressed Earth Block House

Last week, I kind of indicated I would be posting pictures of the first pressed earth block house as it was built.  That was my intention.  With the three new kids at Casa, two of them two months old.  I got overwhelmed with kid stuff.  Like feeding and bathing.  So, here are a few pictures.  The first house was finished today.  How awesome is that?

The finished house

This house was built for the caretaker at the farm.  You, too can be part of building houses like this.  Groups are coming all summer.  Pick a date.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Big Smile

This one of my two favorite little girls in the whole world.  I am so blessed to see this little smiling face every day.  Just in case anyone is curious, the other favorite little girl lives in Little Rock.


Monday, January 23, 2012

A Great Big Thank You.

Last year, 2011, was a great year.  Another great year in Honduras. 

Seventy five wood houses were built.  Ten of the new three bedroom houses, and six block houses were built.  A church building, a Sunday school classroom, a feeding center, and two playgrounds were built.  Twenty one food containers were received and distributed, five containers of medical supplies were received and three containers for Honduras Hope teams and Casa de Esperazna were received.  More than 1500 were served in medical clinics and over 5000 families were fed. People in the dump were fed at least once a week.  There are at least 40 new Christians.  Four new children were taken into Casa de Esperanza.  And so much more.  First and foremost, may God be praised.

And then, a great big thank you to each one of you.  You came and you built.  You distributed food.  You served in the medical clinics.  You packed the containers.  You sponsored the children at Casa.  You generously gave.  You gave when Casa had some special needs.  You gave for houses and for food.  When some matching donation and grant challenges were issued, you rose to meet the need and met those challenges.  You lifted us up in prayer.  You encouraged us.  You kept our cups filled.

Marc often says we have the best jobs in the world.  And we do.  But you support us in the most generous of ways.  We could not do what we do without each and every one of you.  We are proud to call you our partners and friends.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Victories and Defeats

Every one alive has good day and bad days.  Good weeks and bad weeks.  Then, there are those weeks that are both good and bad.  That definitely was this one.  Good and bad.

We learned a little boy at the dump was killed after he was hit by a garbage truck.  Oh, how I wish kids did not have to be in the dump.  Cars in and out of the shop. Yesterday, Jonathan was driving the green truck, the one Marc calls the burro.  The drive shaft broke and the car rolled.  Praise God that everyone is and will be ok. 

In addition to the passengers in the car being ok,  three more kids were rescued and brought home to Casa de Esperanza.  What a week it has been adjusting to babies.  Little Cris, who was so scared and confused on Tuesday, was jumping on the trampoline.  And laughing.  It was music to my ears. 

The first pressed earth block house was started and will soon be completed.   People were fed at the dump on Wednesday.  Today, 8640 manna pack meals were delivered to the feeding center in Nueva Oriental. 

The defeats and the victories this week have both been large and small.  It has been quite a week.  We all are tired.  And,very soon I am going to bed so I can get up and start all over tomorrow with the daily victories and defeats.  I thank God that He leads me through all of this.


Friday, January 20, 2012

The Ventriloquist

Every morning except Sunday, we have a morning devotional.  I want the kids to learn to worship God, but I also want them to behave and follow rules.  I don't normally allow very much nonsense during devo. 

In devo, we sing songs, learn one Bible verse a week, and end with a prayer.  We have a new verse every Monday and everyone of the kids has to say it everyday.  There is some grace when a child is new.  Nicole was gently, patiently saying a few words of the verse to Cris and encouraging him to repeat what she said.  He turned his head and would not look at us.  Nicole kept encouraging, when all of a sudden this high squeaky voice began to repeat every word Nicole said.  I jerked my  head around to see if Cris had decided to say the verse.  Adonis was sitting next to Cris and had a huge grin on his face.  Adonis was saying the verse for Cris.  And he was not moving  his lips at all.  Everyone was just about to bust out laughing.  Only when I busted out laughing, everyone else did.  It was really funny and it was ok for everyone to laugh.  Nicole said,"thank you Cris.  Adonis, it is your turn."  Adonis did not say, I just said it; in his normal voice, he said the entire verse.

And that little bit of silliness in devo set the tone for a really good day.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Welcome Home Josue, Olman and Cris

Two weeks ago IHFNA called and asked if we could take more kids?  Since they called Nicole, she knew she could not make that decision.  But, if she could have, she would have said yes without a second thought.  No matter what she thought or the rest of us, if Mirian was not up to month old twin boys and a four year old boy, then the answer was no.  Like Nicole wished she could have, Mirian said yes without a second thought or a doubt.

Knowing IHNFA would take its time, we did not know how time we had; but we knew we had a lot of work to do.  The fourth bedroom in the Brumley cottage was being used a pantry to store canned goods.  That room had to be emptied, which was no small task.  Fortunately, most of the kids thought it was big fun.  I did not think it was near as much fun as the kids.  We did it get moved.  Mirian wanted to move her room to the now empty room.  She felt she could hear all the kids better there. 

With soon to be seven kids in the house, Mirian wanted to start cooking all her meals in her house.  That meant an extra trip to the grocery store and extra food deliveries to get her house stocked and ready to go.  We also needed formula and diaper pins and really small plastic pants and baby bottles.  The entire place was buzzing.  The kids were talking about babies coming.  Dilcia wanted to help Mirian make her grocery lists.  Everyone time we asked Mirian is she needed something, she beamed us a smile causing her whole body to glow. 

I never thought IHNFA would have these kids ready in two weeks, but we had to be ready when they called.  We found out yesterday afternoon late that we could get the kids at 10:00 today.  I told Mirian and again she smiled a great big smile.  She said she was so ready and so excited and that she might not ever sleep again, but she was ready. 

Nicole and I left here at 9:08 and got IHNFA right at 10:00.  Unbelievably, they were ready for us.  They told us to sit down.  They brought the kids in one by one.  Of course, we didn't stay seated long.  We jumped up to start holding and hugging babies.

First came Olman,
then Josue,

and last, but not least was Cris
The twins, Olman and Josue, are almost two months old.  They were born on November 25, four days after Karen and Dorian's, Korbin.  Olman weighs six pounds and Josue weighs 4 and 1/2 pounds.  I have never seen a baby that small.  He felt like a baby doll.  Their mother is unfit, whatever that means.  They were removed from her at birth.  The mother gave one name.  One goes by the middle name and one by the first name.  The mother has no visitation rights.  Almost everyone has visitation rights.

Cris is four and a half years old.  He is big four year old.  And has the cutest little dimples. He seems pretty bright.  He was a little uncertain about leaving with Nicole and I.  Marc told him there was toys at our house and he was ready.  He was fascinated by everything as we drove him, the cars, the trees, the mountains.  His mother left for Mexico.  His grandmother and aunt have visitation rights.

When we arrived home, we had a large welcoming committee.  Everyone.  They crowded around the car.  I got little Josue out of the car.  I was beaming, too.  I handed him to Mirian.  Nicole got Olman.  I knew everyone was wanting to see the babies.  I helped Cris out of the car.  He took my hand and I thought he might never let go.  We showed him the toys, but that was not enough to settle him.  He was scared to death.  I carried him and hugged him for a while.  We all walked into Mirian's house.  She was eagerly anticipating the arrival of her new children, and a welcome sign greeted them. Mirian and Reina (the employee) had lunch on the stove.  It was a warm and inviting place in which to walk.  And three lucky little boys get to call that home.

Two little bundles of joy.
Part of the welcoming committee

Cris was so scared and upset.  Understandably so.  We took him outside to see the trampoline.  Even that was not very comforting.  He has the biggest adjustment of the three.
Nicole trying to comfort Cris.
Please pray for all of us, the new kids as they adjust, the other kids as they adjust to new ones, the staff as there is now more work for all of us and for Mirian.  She now has two one month old babies, a two year old who is like a one year old, a four year old that is a like a two year old, a four year old who is like a four year old, a seven year old who is like a four year old and Adonis who is a handful, or two, by himself.  Thanks for all the love and prayers.

p.s.   If you would like to sponsor a child, let me know.  We have four with no sponsors and several that are just partially sponsored.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 15, An Exciting Day

For some people January 15 is the day quarterly tax payments are due.  Not exciting.  For some, it means a day in a long weekend, for others it is payday.  Those things are exciting.  But today in Honduras is an exciting day.

We have talked about the blockmakers since August.  There was a lot of miles traveled to see the blockmakers, and a lot of money raised to buy them.  Then, there was a lot of waiting for the container to be released.  After church and lunch, a group from Dallas began digging the footers for the first block house.  Along with starting the footers, they just had to fire up the machine and make a few blocks.

Made with dirt and five per cent concrete, these blocks are much stronger than adobe.  The walls on these houses will be thick. 

I won't be at the house site this week, but I do hope for pictures to share as the house is constructed. 

We have dreamed about and talked about building better houses for years.  Today marks the beginning of that dream becoming reality.  Yes indeed, an exciting day.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Food Container

Marc and Milton have been trying for weeks to get two food containers released from customs.  Suffice it to say that Marc and Milton are both frustrated with the system right now.  After several days of promises saying the containers will be released today, one of two containers was released yesterday.  If you heard a loud roar coming from the south, it was the rejoicing as this container was released and unloaded.

There was 260,000 servings of food on that container.  Today Matt and Luis and some of the same people that unloaded that container yesterday,  began to unload some of the same cases out of the warehouse today so it could be delivered to hungry people.  About six thousand five hundred meals were delivered to Los Pinos and 43,200 were delivered to the IHNFA feeding center.  This feeding center feeds about 2500 kids a day.  Three and a half weeks of food will certainly help.

Praise God that this container was finally released and that hungry kids could immediately start receiving food.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012


As the work groups have become more numerous and the ministries  have grown, there has been need to hire some Hondurans.  Some work for Marc year round and some only work when groups are here.  The people Marc has hired are hard workers.  They also love what we do and they love the people that come here to work.  Kelin cries when every group leaves.  Sometimes, the people that come to work fall in love with the workers, too.  Once you know these people, it is an easy thing to fall in love with them.

Some groups and individuals love three of the workers so much, they are helping send Karol, Kelin and Luis to college.  One group is raising the money to send Karol and Kelin and one individual is helping Luis.  All three have registered for classes and begin next week.  All three went to the dump with Marc today.  Marc said it was so fun to listen to them talk about their classes and starting college. 

A great big thanks to the people involved for providing opportunities about which these guys dared not even dream.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Spring Cleaning

We have had a long streak of cold, windy weather.  Today, we awoke to the sun brightly shining.  The hot, dry weather is on its way.  But, today was just about perfect.  Not too cold, not too hot.  And no wind. 

I have had a task in mind for this afternoon for several days.  That container from Fairview Heights came and Marc brought a lot of stuff for Casa out here.  It had been piled in the dorm.  We opened some of it.  But today was the day to clean that dorm.  I finished my shift with the kids at 1:00 and headed to the dorm.  I hardly knew where to start.  I opened the door and the windows, enjoyed the sunshine and got busy. 

At some point in time, I walked back to Casa to get a broom.  The kids that are 10 and over do not take a nap and they have chores after lunch.  Today, Dilcia had them moving furniture and sweeping.  Some were washing windows and some were washing walls.  It was just that kind of day. 

More than once, as I hauled stuff to the garbage bin, Denis was up there dumping things, as he was busy cleaning the outside of the property. 

Inside of Casa looks great.  Dilcia and the kids did a good job.  Denis made good progress.  I got further in the dorm than I thought I would.  Another two or three days like today, this place will be perfectly clean. 

I am so thankful for the sunshine and the perfect weather.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Mornings

Once upon a time, I thought it was a great accomplishment to get three kids up, dressed, fed and out the door in order to arrive at church on time.  If you think that is something, you should try getting 21 ready.  Thankfully, most of the time, things go fairly smoothly. 

We start getting the children up at 7:00.  On Sunday, we have a completely different routine than other days.  Everyone has to dress for church and make their beds before coming to breakfast.  Some do chores first, others eat first.  Some have to be dressed in nonchurch clothes because they are really messy eaters.  They then have to be changed after eating.  After the kids and the chickens are fed and all the chores are done, they get to put on music cd.  This is usually a tranquil time, but not always. 

All of the Casa washing machines are broken and we are using the one at my house until the others are repaired.  I took a big basket with me last night when I left and washed last night.  Marc came up around 8:00 and I took some more down and got it going.  At 9:00, the housekeeper still had not arrived.  I disrupted the routine by telling everyone we were going to hang the clothes.  Most of the time, they groan and complain about having to hang the clothes.  Everyone jumped up and excitedly ran outside.  We got those clothes hung in no time.  Then they rushed off to church.

Getting 21 up, fed, dressed and chores done is nothing compared to sitting in church with them.  Before church even started they were trying to get outside and steal the oranges off the trees.  And then, there is always some, usually Katy and Jose that have to sit with an adult because of their behavior.  If I ever go to another arcade, I should be an expert at that whack-a-mole game.  I don't whack anyone, but there is always a head popping up from somewhere.  I am reaching and telling them to sit.  I am shushhing.  There is no worship for me.  This morning we stood for communion.  After I took mine, I was deep in prayer when the kids began to pull on me and tell me it was time to sit down.  I completely lost that prayer thought. 

I breathed a big sigh of relief when the children left for Sunday school.  Almost immediately, I could hear three of them outside playing.  I got up and went to see why.  After herding them back to class, I was able to listen to most of the rest of church.  While I may not be worshiping much, I sure hope that someday the children absorb what we want to absorb.


Friday, January 6, 2012

Rosy, The Kind-heart

Rosy is one of the obstinate ones.  And she can throw fits like no one would believe.  But, when it comes to babies and animals, she has a very kind and generous heart.  She always wants to love and carry a baby.  If we see a small animal, she always wants to pick it up.

This morning behind the dorm, an animal had fallen in the stream.  Most of the kids thought it was a dog.  I wasn't sure.  It might have been a little goat.  The little thing was covered in the muck from the stream and was shivering.  Everyone stood and watched and then began to walk away to start playing again.  I knew what Rosy was thinking and began to tell her no.  She was not going in that mucky stream and she was not going to touch that animal that was obviously sick with who knows what.  She made one of her famous faces at me.  I told Mirian I did not trust her and we had to watch her closely.  She wanted to save that animal so badly. 

Eventually, the animal got out of the stream.  I still could not be for sure what it was.  Once it was out of the water, Rosy did not really want to get near it.  She could tell it was sick.  She just wanted to save it.

Sometimes, she frustrates me to no end, but I love that kind little heart.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

December Newsletter

Casa de Esperanza
Making a child at a time
P.O. Box 9222
Columbus, MS 39705

Amigos de Casa,

We hope everyone had a merry Christmas and we wish for you a blessed and happy 2012. It has been a busy two months at Casa de Esperanza.

The children finished their exams, thus finishing another school year. Most of the children did well. Maryuri needs to repeat first grade. Cindy has to go back early and retake her exams so, hopefully, she can move on to fifth grade. We are undecided about Doris and Reina's schooling next year. All the other children will move on to the next grade.

We have moved to a summer schedule, which is a bit more relaxed. We are working on reading, writing, and 'rithmetic each week. Friday is English day. Nicole is doing a special art project each week. We hope to do a special outing before school starts in February.

As we were preparing for a our big Thanksgiving feast and Karen was preparing to leave for the States to have her baby, she went into premature labor and gave birth to Korbin Xavier Guido on November 21. Congratulations to Karen and Dorian.

Karen developed a blood clot in her leg. She is in Ohio now. Please pray for Dorian, Karen and Korbin.

We continued our preparations for Thanksgiving and enjoyed a grand feast. The work group that was here that week joined us. We had over 50 people here. The kids all took part in the preparing and the eating. Some learned that the best part of preparing is sampling. Thanksgiving is not a Honduran holiday. We do not teach the American story of pilgrims and Indians, but we do try to teach the kids to be thankful for all things. Before we pray the children have to say at least one thing for which they are thankful. Meals here are prepared and served to the children. They must eat everything that is served to them or see it again for the next meal. Only on Thanksgiving day can they fill their own plates, putting on the plate what they really like, and they can fill their plates as many times as they like. It is always a day that is awaited on with eager anticipation by both the children and the staff. Perhaps, some go a little overboard, but it is only once a year.

Following Thanksgiving, we immediately had the graduations. Sixth grade graduation is a huge deal in Honduras because so few make it that far. This is our first year to have sixth graders graduating. Pamela and Brayan both graduated this year. Each sixth grader could only have 2 people with them. Marc and Byron went with Brayan and Pamela and Dorian went with Pamela. Marc took the honorees to Chili's after graduation. Both Brayan and Pamela agreed that was the best part.

A few days later, Guadalupe graduated from kindergarten. Kindergarten graduation is almost as big as sixth grade graduation. All the girls had to have lilac dresses and white sandals. Of course, we all thought Guadalupe was the prettiest little girl there. Matt was the padrino for Guadalupe. There was a dinner and a dance. Matt had to dance with Guadalupe. Only sixth grade graduates get treated to Chili's.

Congratulations to Brayan, Pamela and Guadalupe.

As we all watched the romance of Byron and Pamela develop and bloom into full blown love, we all got to participate in their wedding. We spent weeks being measured for dresses, trying on the dresses, buying white sandals and black shoes and black pants and learning a song and many other things. The wedding was beautiful, as were the children. They behaved beautifully as well. I was so proud of them.

We all wish Byron and Pamela a long and happy life together.

The kids were able to enjoy two Christmas parties this year. Banpais, a local bank came and gave a huge party, complete with candy, pinatas, and gifts. The kids had a great time. Then our staff gave the children a surprise party. The staff paid for all the food and candy. I think our children realized they can have fun without receiving presents.

We decided to have a no-toy Christmas. Thanks to many generous donations, we were able to buy each child new jeans, one shirt, and one pair of shoes. It was a wonderful Christmas for everyone.

The very best Christmas present of all was when Any and Jair arrived on December 20. We thought at that point, there was no hope of getting them before the end of the year. These two sweet ones have come from extreme poverty and lag behind their age level physically, mentally, and emotionally. There is not only adjustments for the new children, but the other children and staff as well. Please pray for all of us as we adjust.

We continue to be blessed by your continued prayers, financial support and words of encourgement. You are the best ministry partners any organization could ask for.


Terri Tindall

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

After Nicole and Katy got home Saturday evening, and everyone loved on Katy for a while, we got down to the business of a party.  We burned our old man and shot off our fireworks around 8:00, not midnight.  We have some little ones that needed to go to bed. 

Happy kids around a campfire
The burning of the old man

The kids were whooping and hollering and having a grand old time.  Some of the employees were just as excited as the kids.  After the old man burned, the little ones were off to bed and the rest of us were off to watch movies until midnight.  We watched movies, drank coke, had popcorn and marshmallows.  There was a massive amount of popcorn consumed and only one coke was spilled.
Around 11:00, Nohemy, Katy, Reina and Josue could wait no longer.  They went to bed and went to sleep.  Some of the other kids were really tired, but would not give it up.  At midnight, when the rest of the town began to shoot fireworks, some of the kids ran outside to watch.  I allowed that for a few minutes.  There was no problem getting kids to sleep that night.  Just a problem yesterday morning getting them up.  And Kathy did not have a problem at nap time yesterday.  There were still some sleepheads this morning.

After church, lunch and nap, I finished working at 4:00.  I came down here to my house.  Matt, Nicole and Haley were still here.  They were staying to eat black-eyed peas with us.  Haley and I made the cornbread.  I said I have to get the cornmeal.  Haley said, "go get Camille, go get Camille" and clapped.  She was just as happy when she found out she was helping me make something. 

We enjoyed a quiet evening feasting on black-eyed peas and Aunt Jemimah cornbread.  I was exhausted.  I went to bed at 8:00.

Here's wishing everyone a happy 2012.