Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I am home.  Home in Santa Ana.  And it feels so good.

When I am in the States, there is never enough time.  Never enough time in Columbus. Or Borger.  For sure, never enough in Jackson.  One more jigsaw puzzle would have been fun.  This year not enough time at the beach or in Searcy or Shawnee, even though those places held sweet fellowship with dear friends.  I didn't have time to go see everyone I wanted to see or even call everyone with whom I wished to talk.  There were a lot of tearful goodbyes.  I talked to Camille two times yesterday.  And cried both times.

This morning when that alarm sounded at 5:30 eastern time (4:30 on my body clock), I rose with eager anticipation.  The anticipation of going home.  I closed those suitcases for the last time on this trip.  Even  with all the luggage, there was a quickness in my step. 

I boarded the plane and buried myself in a book for the last leg of my journey. 

The bitterness of good-byes was quickly replaced with a joyous homecoming.  Haley was the first person to step out to hug me.  Oh!  How I have missed Haley Bug hugs.  Then there was Nicole and Matt.  Marc.  Daniel.  And Heidy holding Emma Kate.  Even many of the airport people hugged me. 

Haley and I went for ice cream. 

When I got home, the Casa kids had gone for a walk.  I saw a few of them later.  Tomorrow there will be hugs from all of them. 

I am so glad to be home.  And soon, very very soon, I will be in my own bed.  My own sweet bed. 


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More Adventures With The Tindalls

Monday morning Marc and I both planned to leave early from Panama City Beach.  Marc was leaving for Honduras in a pickup and I was leaving for Borger via Searcy.  The Sunday night session at Gulf Coast Getaway was awesome and lasted long.  No one got to bed until after midnight.  Marc left at 3:37 a.m.  I was trying to decide to get up and get going.  The reason I was going to Searcy was to see a friend.  If I stayed in bed, I sacrificed visit time.  If I got up, I sacrificed sleep time.  At 3:55, my eyes popped open and as if my bed was a launching pad and my body was a rocket, I launched out of bed.  Marc and I had taken care of money and credit cards and such, but I was pretty sure he still had my keys. 

He did.  He had to turn around and come back.  That got me going.  After I had my keys in my hand, I was soon on the road.  It was a beautiful drive as the morning sun rose.  I enjoyed my short time in Searcy. 

Marc got to Laredo on Monday night and to Vera Cruz, Mexico last night.

It is a long, long way from Panama City Beach to Borger and two hard days of driving.  Thanks for the prayers.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gulf Coast Getaway

Gulf Coast Getaway is a spiritually uplifting weekend for college students.  It is held every year in Panama City Beach on the MLK weekend.  It is my second time to be here.  Two years ago Casa de Esperanza was blessed by their Sunday night contribution.  This year Honduras Hope will be blessed with two summer interns, both of whom will be named tonight.

This year I was surprised how many people I knew.  I leave knowing a few more.  We have spent time and will spend for time with our good friends, Steve and Jeannie White.  We ate with Kyle and Karissa  and a small group from Middle Tennessee.  Sweet, sweet fellowship.

We have not had a table.  We have not taught classes.  We have not worked.  We needed that.  The lessons and worship have been so good.  This morning we had a reflective worship.  It was called Tai ze worship.  It was very deep and meaningful.  The community groups were a time for sharing on a deeper level.  There was some very good thoughts shared in mine.   I was much emptier than I thought.  I needed my cup filled.  I needed to be recharged and energized.  I have received that this weekend.

Today, is a perfect January day at the beach.  I took a long stroll, giving me a bit more reflective time.  I sit here listening to the gentle waves as they roll into the beach. 

I am thankful for this weekend of relaxation and rest, fellowship and recharging.


Friday, January 18, 2013

Through Thick And Thin

This is the time of year I spend the entire month working on contribution statements.  It is a boring, tedious job.  But, one that has to be done.  Every January, as I work on these contribution statements, I am reminded what awesome donors we have.

I am well aware that the economy in the US is not very healthy.  Yet, many of the donors of Casa de Esperanza and Honduras Hope keep on keeping on.  I am so appreciative of that sacrifice and the attitude of love. 

Casa de Esperanza was almost complete in December 2005.  We were not able to take our first children until June, 2006.  We had a few donors that began their contributions in January, 2006.  We were so grateful for them.  It is really hard to solicit funds for a children's home that has no children.  One of our current donors was the first one to sign on.  This donor has been faithful and never missed a month.  We have many long term donors and many newer donors.  We appreciate you all.

I just love your hearts when you fall in love with one of the Casa kids or the dump ministry or the feeding center or Melissa or Katherine's unborn baby.  Or when you want to help Luis and Karol and Kelin go to  college.  You find a way to give to these needs.  If we post of a special need for Casa or for an unpaid container, you respond generously. 

I wrote about a large donation we received at the end of the year.  We are so thankful for that.  But, we are just as thankful for the ladies that give ten dollars a month.  Those $10,000.00 donations are wonderful, but they are few and far between.  Those ten dollar or twenty dollar of one hundred dollar donations that come every month are just as important. .

Some have dug a little deeper in our leans times and have managed to hang on in their own lean times.  I thank you for loving something or someone in Honduras as much as we do.  And, some have hit such lean times, they can no longer send a donation..  I thank you, too for sending that check as long as you could.

I love all of these donors, and to you, a great big heartfelt thank you.



Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Traveling LIght

I read a book several years ago titled "Traveling Light".  I believe it was written by Max Lucado.  It was about putting down our guilt, shame, pride, etc and making our journey through life a bit easier by not lugging all that excess baggage all over the place.  It was a good book.  There was good advice in that book and I try to put that advice into my life.  Not that I always succeed,but I try.

But, when it comes to traveling, I have not learned the art of traveling light.  We come to the States once or twice a year, for a length of time, usually four to seven weeks.  We are in several states and that normally involves different climates.  I leave my winter clothes and coats in the States.  Even with my winter clothes here, I cannot travel light.  At any time of the year. 

We sometimes are in a different house every night.   I can pack for a few days in one suitcase, but, after not too long, I have to pull everything out of the car.  I do laundry frequently.  I don't try to bring enough clothes that I don't have to do laundry.  I don't have that many things.  I tried to pack in one suitcase for this week and leave one at my mom's.  I did pack in one suitcase.  More or less.  The one I packed in is really heavy.  Really heavy.  And not everything would fit.  So my shampoo and such is in a plastic bag.  With my purse, computer, camera, I am still carrying many things into the places we stay.   I know people probably think, "oh no, they are moving in."

I think I have learned to live lighter, with many less things and conveniences than I had in the States.  I just can't get the hang of traveling light.  Maybe some day.  And, maybe not.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

On The Road Again

We have had a pleasant time in Borger.  Eating.  Sleeping late. Eating. Watching the snow fall.  Eating.  Watching football.  Eating.  The last two days have been really, really cold, but there has been a fire in the fireplace and plenty of blankets.

Provided I can get all my stuff together and back in the suitcase, we will leave for Baton Rouge in the morning.  It is a long way from Borger to Baton Rouge, but we will be there a couple of days.  Then we will head to Nathan's again.  Grammy and Camille might need to work one more puzzle.  Next weekend we will be in Panama City for Gulf Coast Getaway. 

Next Monday, Marc will start his journey home.  I am going to Searcy.  It has been way too long since I was there.  Then I will come back to Borger for another week, before I go home. 

We have enjoyed worship the last two weeks.  I still have a couple of weeks of worship in English.

Thanks for the prayers as we travel.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Continue To Stand Amazed

In October 2005 construction began on the big house of Casa de Esperanza.  Construction began and the money was not in the bank.  I worried.  Marc and I and several people from Ohio were raising money, but the money was not in the bank.  We prayed.  We asked people for money.  The money came.  I was amazed at what God delivered.

In 2007, Marc and I decided to move to Honduras.   Our support came.  I was amazed.

After we moved to Honduras, many times I saw the Casa bank account get dangerously low.  Usually when it was time to make payroll or buy groceries for the children.  The money always showed up. 

I did not forget to pray about these things.  And, I did not forget to thank God when He delivered, but I was always amazed.

We had the money in the bank to build the Brumley cottage.  The group from Columbus was going to come and build the cottage, saving the labor costs.  Due to the political crisis in 2009, the group could not come.  We built the cottage and had to pay labor.  There were other cost overruns, but the money came.

As many fast and pray each May, we have seen thousands of dollars come rolling in for the dump fund.  And, I am amazed.

I worry less each time.

Before we left for the States, I was frantically trying to get as much work done as possible.  I looked at the Casa bank account.  There was less than a month's operating funds in the bank.  That had not happened in a long time.  It was a bit worrisome.  Before I could even get the prayer said, I closed the bank site and went to my email.  There was the deposit.  I opened it.  It said a $10,000.00 check had been deposited into the Casa account.  I was sure it was designated for something.  I had to check.  It was designated for something.  General opeating expenses.  Thank you very much to some friends in Topeka, Kansas.  I went running and screaming all over the place.  I was so excited.  God is so good.

Matt and Nicole have dreamed for years of having a home for 9, 10, and 11 year old girls.  Each year that dream is nearing reality. 

Last year, we had 30 groups.  That means we are paying a lot, I mean a lot, for lodging.  Part of the plan for the new campus is to have a mission house to house our groups.  The purpose of that is two fold, one is to sustain the new campus and the second is to have a place to give the girls some job skills. 

Property was purchased early last year.  And the money came.

Now the mission house part of the plan has been started.  Of course, the money is not in the bank.  But, an awesome opportunity has presented itself to us.  If we can raise $15,000.00, we will receive a matching grant.  Please pray about this opportunity.  Once again, I plan to stand amazed at what God will do.

If interested, message me.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Taking Care Of The Babies

One year ago, when the twins and Cris came to Casa, Pamela started helping in that house.  She helped and helped and soon was living in that house.  For a variety of reasons, in October, she decided to no longer work in that house.  That was ok.  She got a job at the cafe and is doing a great job.

But, that left us a little short-handed in that house with so many young ones.  Karen decided to let several of the girls work over there.  They work shorter shifts.  Homework and chores have to be done before they can go.  All of the girls that get to work love it.  They love it so much that withholding it is a good punishment.

I pay them 10 limpiras for every shift they work.  A whole fifty cents.  I pay them every Sunday afternoon.  They make me laugh.  When I pay them, I make sure I have the keys to the store because every single one of them want to go spend every cent they have.

Christmas eve we let all of our staff off to be with their families.  I stayed in the big house with the older kids and Christina stayed with the younger ones.  While all the employees were gone, we put two girls at a time over there instead of one.  I told Christina if both babies were crying at the same time to let me know.  I would take one and walk him or rock him or whatever needed to be done.

We were all up quite late on Christmas eve.  Ana and Cindy went with Christina to help her get everyone to bed.  I told those girls I would not go to bed until they were there.  Around 10:30, Cindy walked in with Josue and said here, he can sleep over here.  I said I will get him to sleep, but there is no bed for him here.  She said oh, yes there is.  Your bed.  NO!

When Cindy brought him to me, she looked so tired.  I said, honey, come on over here and go to bed.  She looked at me and said, "I am working."  She had no intention of stopping before the job was done.

I would get Josue to sleep and the slightest little noise would wake him.  After the girls and Christina got Olman to sleep, they came to get Josue.  I had the front door open and after 11:00, I heard the door to the other house open.  I looked out and the girls were walking toward the big house.  They said they were through for the night.  They both were so exhausted.  I was so proud of them.  They didn't quit or give up when the going got rough.

The next morning after I did the laundry for the little house, I asked Cindy to hang it and she said she would.  Marc said breakfast was ready and I guess she got distracted.  I hung the laundry.  I started back to the big house and out came Cindy.  She said I need the key to get in and get the laundry to  hang.  I told her I had done it.  She flew into my arms and began thanking me. 

We put two other girls on shift for Christmas day.

Someone had bought a cute little purse from the store and given it to Katy.  Cindy wanted one and thought it cost 40 limpira.  She had enough to buy that purse.  She was so excited.  We went into the store and she began looking and realized they were 120 limpiras.  She almost cried.  I just could not stand it.  I told her to get the one she wanted and I would pay the rest of it.  She chose her purse and thanked me.

All of the girls, and now Jackson, are being trained to care for children.  I am happy that they love it so much.  Maybe, some day, we will even teach them to save some of that money.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Dallas.  Big D.  Home of J.R. Ewing and Southfork.  At least in the 1980's.  Growing up in a small Texas panhandle town, I always thought of Dallas as the biggest city on earth.  Living in Lubbock in the 80's, I viewed Dallas as the city of glamour and glitz and new rich.  We thought we wanted to live there. 

We were in Dallas this weekend.  It is still the city of glamour and glitz.  Only more of it.  More big office buildings.  More lanes of traffic.  We were on an eight lane freeway and at least that many more lanes were being built.  I guess so everyone can rush to work of a morning and rush home at night. 

We enjoyed being with friends and awesome worship at Skillman this morning. 

I have good memories of Dallas.  Vacations.  Six Flags (the original).  Football games and shopping at Thanksgiving.  I still love Dallas and enjoyed being there this weekend, but I was glad to be headed north this afternoon.  North to the panhandle.  The panhandle always lovingly calls my name.  I have always been the type of girl that enjoyed the wide open spaces and the big sky of the panhandle as opposed to the glitz and tall buildings of Big D.

Late in the day, the dead gray mesquite trees were shining brilliantly with the setting of the sun.  Welcome home, Terri. 

We are in Borger with family this week.  And it feels so good to be here.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


2012 was a very good year for Casa de Esperanza and Honduras Hope.  Some amazing and wonderful things happened.  Some dreams came true and others came nearer to coming true.  And, personally, we had another granddaughter and Nathan and Julia moved to Jackson as Nathan took a new, better job.

A year with many victories also comes with many trials and defeats.  I wish I could say all trials were handled with grace.  Many times I failed miserably.  I know that.  I would pray that those same trials don't happen again.  But, if they do, I hope I learned something and grew and that next time I will handle those things a bit more maturely. 

Ministry is the most important thing we do.  But, to stay legal in both Honduras and the US, the business side of minstry is also important.  God has blessed me with the ability to do that.  With that in mind, as 2013 begins, my goals are conflicting.  The first one is that I get caught up with all the paperwork.  I believe in dreaming big.  The second one is that I take more time off.  Enjoy life.  Sip my coffee instead of gulping it to jump start my motor every day.  I need to focus more on relationships and less on receipts.  I hope and pray I can find a way to do both. 

This new year promises to be very exciting for both ministries.  Please pray for the ministries and for us as God unfolds his magnificent plans.  Pray that opportunities are seized and more dreams come true.