Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Taking Care Of The Babies

One year ago, when the twins and Cris came to Casa, Pamela started helping in that house.  She helped and helped and soon was living in that house.  For a variety of reasons, in October, she decided to no longer work in that house.  That was ok.  She got a job at the cafe and is doing a great job.

But, that left us a little short-handed in that house with so many young ones.  Karen decided to let several of the girls work over there.  They work shorter shifts.  Homework and chores have to be done before they can go.  All of the girls that get to work love it.  They love it so much that withholding it is a good punishment.

I pay them 10 limpiras for every shift they work.  A whole fifty cents.  I pay them every Sunday afternoon.  They make me laugh.  When I pay them, I make sure I have the keys to the store because every single one of them want to go spend every cent they have.

Christmas eve we let all of our staff off to be with their families.  I stayed in the big house with the older kids and Christina stayed with the younger ones.  While all the employees were gone, we put two girls at a time over there instead of one.  I told Christina if both babies were crying at the same time to let me know.  I would take one and walk him or rock him or whatever needed to be done.

We were all up quite late on Christmas eve.  Ana and Cindy went with Christina to help her get everyone to bed.  I told those girls I would not go to bed until they were there.  Around 10:30, Cindy walked in with Josue and said here, he can sleep over here.  I said I will get him to sleep, but there is no bed for him here.  She said oh, yes there is.  Your bed.  NO!

When Cindy brought him to me, she looked so tired.  I said, honey, come on over here and go to bed.  She looked at me and said, "I am working."  She had no intention of stopping before the job was done.

I would get Josue to sleep and the slightest little noise would wake him.  After the girls and Christina got Olman to sleep, they came to get Josue.  I had the front door open and after 11:00, I heard the door to the other house open.  I looked out and the girls were walking toward the big house.  They said they were through for the night.  They both were so exhausted.  I was so proud of them.  They didn't quit or give up when the going got rough.

The next morning after I did the laundry for the little house, I asked Cindy to hang it and she said she would.  Marc said breakfast was ready and I guess she got distracted.  I hung the laundry.  I started back to the big house and out came Cindy.  She said I need the key to get in and get the laundry to  hang.  I told her I had done it.  She flew into my arms and began thanking me. 

We put two other girls on shift for Christmas day.

Someone had bought a cute little purse from the store and given it to Katy.  Cindy wanted one and thought it cost 40 limpira.  She had enough to buy that purse.  She was so excited.  We went into the store and she began looking and realized they were 120 limpiras.  She almost cried.  I just could not stand it.  I told her to get the one she wanted and I would pay the rest of it.  She chose her purse and thanked me.

All of the girls, and now Jackson, are being trained to care for children.  I am happy that they love it so much.  Maybe, some day, we will even teach them to save some of that money.

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