Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Continue To Stand Amazed

In October 2005 construction began on the big house of Casa de Esperanza.  Construction began and the money was not in the bank.  I worried.  Marc and I and several people from Ohio were raising money, but the money was not in the bank.  We prayed.  We asked people for money.  The money came.  I was amazed at what God delivered.

In 2007, Marc and I decided to move to Honduras.   Our support came.  I was amazed.

After we moved to Honduras, many times I saw the Casa bank account get dangerously low.  Usually when it was time to make payroll or buy groceries for the children.  The money always showed up. 

I did not forget to pray about these things.  And, I did not forget to thank God when He delivered, but I was always amazed.

We had the money in the bank to build the Brumley cottage.  The group from Columbus was going to come and build the cottage, saving the labor costs.  Due to the political crisis in 2009, the group could not come.  We built the cottage and had to pay labor.  There were other cost overruns, but the money came.

As many fast and pray each May, we have seen thousands of dollars come rolling in for the dump fund.  And, I am amazed.

I worry less each time.

Before we left for the States, I was frantically trying to get as much work done as possible.  I looked at the Casa bank account.  There was less than a month's operating funds in the bank.  That had not happened in a long time.  It was a bit worrisome.  Before I could even get the prayer said, I closed the bank site and went to my email.  There was the deposit.  I opened it.  It said a $10,000.00 check had been deposited into the Casa account.  I was sure it was designated for something.  I had to check.  It was designated for something.  General opeating expenses.  Thank you very much to some friends in Topeka, Kansas.  I went running and screaming all over the place.  I was so excited.  God is so good.

Matt and Nicole have dreamed for years of having a home for 9, 10, and 11 year old girls.  Each year that dream is nearing reality. 

Last year, we had 30 groups.  That means we are paying a lot, I mean a lot, for lodging.  Part of the plan for the new campus is to have a mission house to house our groups.  The purpose of that is two fold, one is to sustain the new campus and the second is to have a place to give the girls some job skills. 

Property was purchased early last year.  And the money came.

Now the mission house part of the plan has been started.  Of course, the money is not in the bank.  But, an awesome opportunity has presented itself to us.  If we can raise $15,000.00, we will receive a matching grant.  Please pray about this opportunity.  Once again, I plan to stand amazed at what God will do.

If interested, message me.


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