Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Week Of Good-byes

Every staff member and employee has a valuable place at Casa.  And, when one leaves, for whatever reason,  it leaves a hole and it is hard to say good-bye.  This week we had to say good-bye twice.

Thursday, Christina left.  Christina was our intern.  She had been here over a year.  She was so timid when she first came.  But, aren't we all?  Christina kind of did whatever needed to be done.  She started helping Nicole with the preschool.  And then when Emma Kate was born early and had so many health issues, Christina stepped up to the plate and began doing preschool.  Under her guidance, we saw Yair start talking more.  Everyone loved Christina.

Thanks Christina, for a job well done.

Today was our employee Reina's last day to work here.  I arrived in Honduras to live on September 28, 2007.  Reina was hired on October 1, 2007.  We almost needed another housekeeper when Reina was hired.  We hired her as a housekeeper for Casa and she also cleaned my house one day a week.  And she has continued to clean my house one day a week since then.

Reina has done anything we needed her to do.  After Sandra left, Reina did Teleton for a while.  She did a great job at that.  Then when we opened the cottage, we moved her over there as the full time housekeeper.  Reina has been here longer than several of the employees and some of the kids.

When I paid her this afternoon, I waited  until she left the office and then I teared up a little bit.  Marc and I took her home this afternoon.  As in a lot of work places, our employees become friends with each other.  I watched as she told the other employees and the kids good-bye.  I jumped in the car because I could tell I was going to start crying.

I had Marc stop at KFC.  I bought a great big bucket of chicken for Reina and her family.  When she got out of the car, we hugged.  And we both cried.

I am going to miss Reina.  We have hired a capable person in her place.

I hate good-byes.  I am glad this doesn't happen every week.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Never A Dull Moment

I know I say that a lot.  But, with 23 kids, you just cannot imagine.  And, not all things are kid-induced.

This afternoon, Karen and Dorian took all the kids to Ojojona to see the alfombres.  Karen asked Maria and Reina to go and take the babies.  They said yes.  That is a good thing.  The adults in that house never leave because of the babies. 

Maria locked the house as she left.  There was no one on campus, so, of course, she locked the door.  Upon returning, Maria put the key in the lock and turned it.  It turned, but it did not open.  Karen went to the office and got the extra key and got the same results.  She then sent one of the kids for me.

Locked doors are getting to be a much too familiar scene around here.  Aren't they Kim and Pat?  Aren't they Jeff and Maria?

Some of the kids volunteered to go through the windows.  No one is small enough to go through the bars any more.  And like Karen said, we certainly don't need a house we can't get into and a kid with his head stuck in the metal bars.  We quickly vetoed the idea of sending someone through the windows.

With wrenches and screwdrivers, Brayan and I began to try to take off the lock.  We got some of the screws out, but the lock was not budging.  With dinnertime and shower time rapidly approaching, we decided upon another course of action.  A hammer. 

I gave the lock a few good licks.  I gave it to Brayan.  I knew he was dying to try out his manly skills with that hammer.  He did some serious damage.  But, then Maria took that hammer and she was a machine.  Perhaps, she was just venting her frustrations.

Today is a major holiday.  Nothing was open.  No one was working.  And, it is getting near the hour for everyone to be in church.  We called the guy that installed the locks and he could not come, but he called the guy that is working at the new campus.  Gustavo said he would come.

In the meantime, Marc arrived home.  With a hammer and another tool, he busted the lock.  The lock went into a hundred pieces.  Just as the lock busted, Gustavo arrived.  We paid him for the motor taxi both ways.

Maria and Reina scurried in and began showers and cleaning up the mess from the lock.

Maria will have to move a table or something up behind the door tonight.  Tomorrow we will call someone for a new lock and to repair the metal door. 

Maria will probably never want to leave the house again.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Haley And Grammy Day

I am pretty bad about taking my day off.  But, on Friday, I decided I would take my next day off.  I told Nicole and Matt that I wanted to take Haley to town.

I awoke early and jumped out of bed.  I was so excited about spending the whole day with Haley.  Haley was excited, too.  She dressed up so she could go to town with Grammy.

We left at 8:40.  We stopped at the airport so I could see a friend that was leaving.  Haley had not had breakfast, so she had a doughnut.  As much as I love doughnuts, I passed this time.  Marc had fixed me one of his big fluffy famous pancakes for breakfast.

There are always errands to be done when in town.  After Larach and PriceSmart, we were ready for the fun to begin.  We went to the mall.  I asked Haley what she wanted to eat.  Her reply, "chicken nuggets."  That's grammy's girl.  Always ready for a gourmet meal.  We ate at Wendy's.  Then Haley played in the play place for a while. 

After playing, it was time for shopping.  We went to Carrion first.  Haley is shoe girl, much like her mommy and grammy are. Haley found several pairs of shoes she liked, but none of them were in her size.  She almost cried.  I told her there were other shoes stores in the mall and we would find something. 

We went to Payless, which does not mean you will pay less.  I quickly glanced at her size and said nothing here, let's go somewhere else.  Haley said, "no.  I see what I want.  Aren't they beautiful?"   She was holding  some pink sparkly princess shoes.  She said that she liked them much more than anything in Carrion.We tried them on and they fit perfectly.  She told me she was not putting on her silver shoes.

She walked to the cash register bare-footed and the clerk he guessed she wanted to wear the new shoes.

She pranced around the mall in her new shoes.  And then, we went to Wal-Mart.   She wanted to get something for Emma Kate.  Together, we picked out a cute little outfit, which might be a little to big.  But Emma Kate will grow into it. 

Haley wanted some apples.  We went to the produce section.  We bought apples, plums (for Grammy) and grapes, green grapes.  "Oh, grapes.  Green grapes.  Please, Grammy."

We talked about it and decided we should head for Santa Ana.  But we thought a drink and cookies sounded like good things for the trip home.  We decided to stop at the Texaco.  Haley said that she wanted a bag of water to drink.  When we got to Texaco, I said if they don't have a bag of water, Haley is not going to cry, right.  She assured me she wouldn't; that she was a big girl. 

We walked into the Texaco and there was no bags of water.  She said," I want a fanta.  That is my favorite drink"  Whew.  That was easy.  I was thinking one pack of cookies to share.  But we wanted different kinds.  I bought two packs.  We each ate two cookies out of our packs and agreed to save the rest for tomorrow.

We started up the mountain.  Haley was in the back seat, chattering away.  All of a sudden, it grew really quiet back there.  Haley was sound asleep. 

We got back to Casa at 5:00.  That is a long day, even when I don't have a three year old with me.  I was exhausted.  But what fun we had today.

I should take my day off more often. 


Monday, March 25, 2013


When Pamela quit working with Mirian, some of the other girls began to work in that house.  They only get to work in the homework and chores are done.  They work from either 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon until 8:00.  They sign in and I pay them 10 lempiras a day.  That only converts to 50 cents.  They are happy with that.

I quickly learned that when I pay them, I need to take my keys to the store.  Because they all want to go buy and they spend everything they earn.  And, they spend it on the first day.

A few of them decided they would start saving their money and buy something bigger.  If they said they wanted to save,  I put it in an envelope with their name on it.

Ana and Cindy were saving theirs.  But then they both saw something in the Avon book that they thought they could not live without.  They ordered.  The Avon order came in before they could get enough money saved.  And they had to pay for their Avon.

Ana came down here to get her money and realized she did not have enough.  It certainly wasn't fair to the Avon lady to not get paid, so I loaned her some money.  In a few minutes, here came Cindy.  Cindy did not need as much as Ana did.

That was on Wednesday.  Payday is on Sunday.

On Sunday, Mirian asked Cindy what she was going to buy when she got paid.  With a downcast face, Cindy says, "Nothing.  I can't buy anything.  I owe Terri money."  Mirian said Cindy was really sad.  Mirian was laughing when she told me.

I actually paid the girls and made them sign for it and then they had to turn around and had to hand me their money.

Ana was working in Mirian's house when I paid her.  She really did not want to give that money back to me.  I said it's not too much fun to work and not get paid, is it.  Ana is a pretty temperamental little thing.  So, she made a face at me.

Not where Ana could see, but Mirian and I both laughed at her.

Cindy got her loan paid off yesterday.  She had four lempiras left.  She went directly to the store and spent it all.

Ana still owes 25 lempiras or so.  That means another couple of weeks of working without pay.

I hope they have learned a valuable lesson about loans.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Program

Today begins Holy Week.  Otherwise known in Central America as national vacation week.  The school which Haley and Karla attend made last week a light week from studies.  The week included parties, picnics and programs.

Wednesday was a swimming party.  Both Karla and Haley were excited about this.  Haley had talked about it for weeks.  Karla was sick Wednesday, but Haley had a great time swimming.

Thursday was practice for the program.  Friday was a family picnic.  Matt, Nicole, Haley and Emma went to the picnic.  The rest of us missed that fun as most of us had other obligations.

Yesterday was the program.  With national vacation beginning, the traffic was horrible.  Getting to Tegucigalpa was an adventure in itself.

Haley before we left.  I have to snap fast when Haley is ready.  She doesn't stay clean very long.

The opening number was all of the children of the school singing a couple of songs.  The second song, "We Are the World", Haley was in the front row.

Then there was a spelling bee.  Byron, Christina and Nicole were the judges.

Pre-kinder did a Hawaiian dance.

Haley is looking at the teacher, a couple of steps behind everyone else.  She dances a lot like her mommy and grammy did.

Karla was one of the stars in the salsa dance.

 Emma enjoyed the program.

Some of the best pictures were made after the program.

Some of us  had not eaten lunch.  We all went to Church's after the program and had chicken and some sweet family time.  Haley did not eat chicken.  She ate mashed potatoes and ice cream, but not in that order.

I left Church's at the airport at 5:05.  It is normally a 40-45 minute drive home.  I got home at 7:30.

And, it is only the beginning of Holy Week.

Friday, March 22, 2013

New Pajamas

Every time Karen comes back from the States, she has new pajamas for everyone.  Thanks to Joyce Foreman.  This time was no exception.  Karen and Dorian returned on Tuesday.  That travel day is a long, long day.  Karen did not even think of pajamas until Wednesday.

Wednesday afternoon Karen began handing out the new pajamas.  Korbin had new pajamas this time.  And Haley and Emma, too.  That was really nice of Joyce to include Haley and Emma.

After showers, some of the kids came out wearing their new pajamas.


Mr. Smiley, Olman




Haley was much too busy eating the chocolate bunny that came with her pj's to look at the camera.  We went to eat at the cafe.  By choice, Haley wore her new pj's, her school shoes and no socks.   
Korbin and others wore their new pajamas as well.

Each pair of pajamas was different and each one had the child's name on it.
As always, the new pajamas were a huge hit.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


This year we have two kids in kindergarten, Any and Josue.  Any turned 5 on February 24 and Josue turned 5 on February 25.  They are both so little.  And they are so cute with their little backpacks.

Kinder starts at 1:30.  Someone leaves here with Any and Josue around 1:15.  Josue eats lunch and gets ready for kinder.  He then puts his backpack on struts around for a few minutes.  He is cute.

As they walk along, they laugh and giggle and talk.  

The other day, when eleven kids went to the dentist, we arrived home at 1:30.  Nicole and I decided by the time we ate lunch, we would not worry with getting the kids to kinder.  I was giving tylenol to the kids that had had a lot of dental work done.  There were great big tears flowing out of Josue's eyes.  Nicole said, "oh honey, is your little mouth hurting.  We will get you some medicine."  Through his tears and his sobs, Josue replies, "no, I just want to go to kinder.  I love it so much." 

We told him to finish eating and we got him to kinder.  I hope he always likes school as much as he does now.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

After The Rain

This is the hot, dry season.  Today could have been classified as that.  Hot and dry.  It took the sheets less than 30 minutes to dry on the line.  We normally would not even expect to see rain until May.  But, about 3:15, the sky darkened.  And then a downpour fell upon us.  It was almost time to go get Any and Josue from kinder.  I put on my rain boots and grabbed my umbrella and headed toward the kinder.  By the time I got there, it had quit raining.  But the kids were having so much walking under the umbrella that I let them.  Before we got home, it started raining again.  I got wet in order to keep they dry.

Shortly after we got home, it stopped raining again.  I was standing there in my rain boots and thinking how I sure would like to go splash around in the puddles on the cancha.  I wanted to do this so badly that I knew I would do it. 

About that time, the employees told the kids they could go out and play in the water a few minutes before shower time.  That was really all the encouragement I needed.  I splashed around.  And then, I might have kicked some water on Nohemy.  And then,  everyone was kicking and splashing.  Haley and Sisi laid down and were rolling around in the water.  What fun we had. 

Sometimes, I just need to be a big kid a little bit more often.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Santa Ana Library

I love to read.  I think I have always loved to read.  I buy lots of books.  I sold or gave away hundreds of books when we moved to Honduras.  In addition to buying books, I had a library card from the time I was six until the time we moved from Columbus in 2004.  And, I used my library card often. 

Many, many people in Honduras are illiterate, which is sad.  Even for the people that can read, reading is not encouraged.  That, too is sad.

This year kindergarten is being held in the library in Santa Ana.  I have lived here five and a half years.  I did not even know there was a library in Santa Ana.  Christina and I had to ask where it was so we could get the kids to school.  We were told it was past the cemetery.  I have been to the cemetery and been other places near the cemetery and I could not say, "oh yes, I remember seeing the library."  Nothing even slightly rang a bell as to where the library might be. 

Christina took the kids the first day and returned saying, "it really does not look like a library.  Maybe a house, but not a library."  I have since taken the kids to kinder and I agree with Christina.

I could not believe this was a library.

I was even more shocked when I saw the inside.

This was all the books in the library.

There is definitely plenty of room for the kinder to meet in this building.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Broken Collarbone

I was so glad there was no school this morning.  The kids were, too. 

At long last the day they had all been waiting for, the trip to Agua Splash.  The plan was to leave between 11:00 and 11:30.  That was the plan if they had school of if they did not have school.

The Lubbock group stopped by here for just a few minutes before they left town.  Before they left, the Harding group arrived to play with the kids before leaving for Agua Splash.  Everyone was playing and having fun with the gringos.  Nicole and Fernando had a head-on collision.  I am not sure what Fernando looks like, but Nicole's eye is swollen and will probably be black by morning.  I was in the store, when I heard someone say Brayan has hurt his shoulder and needs to see a doctor.  Matt said he would take him.  Matt and I were discussing whether to go to Hospital Viera or not, when Brayan said he was in so much pain that he would to go to the hospital in Ojojona.  And off they went.  They told Matt right off the bat that if he needed surgery, they would send him to Tegucigalpa to the hospital of his choice.  That made me feel better. 

There were x-rays taken.  The collarbone is broken and another bone.  Brayan is in a brace for two months.  There is a possibility the elbow is broken, too.  There is so much inflammation in Brayan's elbow, it could not be determined if it was broken or not.

When they returned from the hospital, the rest of the group had gone to Agua Splash.  Brayan want to go.  He wanted to go badly.  He did not want to go swim.  Just hang out with everyone.  And, Matt was willing to take him.  I knew that pain shot was going to wear off and it would be a long way home in the car.  Marc was the bad guy and said he could not go.  Brayan tried to be big about it, but tears welled up in his eyes. 

Lunch had not been prepared today since everyone was leaving.  Matt said he would take Brayan up to the cafe for lunch.  That helped a little, but it still was not Agua Splash.  Matt is up at Casa spending time with Brayan.  Everyone needs one-on-one time, but not on the day of Agua Splash.

Please pray for quick healing for Brayan.


Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Break 2013

Spring break is rapidly coming to an end.  This week there has been 27 from Harding, 18 from Lubbock, 13 from Kansas which was the vision care team, and for the first part of the week 16 from Dallas and Abilene that made up the dental team.  And what an amazing week it has been.

The vision care group saw over 400 people, giving glasses to many of those.  Some of those people claimed to be able to see for the first time ever.   I don't know how many the dental care team saw, but it was a lot.  Four houses were built.  The people were fed in the dump.  This morning, Lubbock and Harding went to Hospital Escuela and then to the market to buy fresh fruits and vegetables for a food giveaway this afternoon.  A few visits to Casa de Esperanza have been made.  A class was held at AFE, showing the ladies how to crochet purses out of plastic grocery bags. The few nights I have gone to devotional, the singing has been awesome and the lessons good.  I am sure all of them were just as good as the ones I heard.  As always, new friendships have been formed.  Tomorrow, the Harding group is taking the Casa kids to Agua Splash.  The anticipation level is high this afternoon.

Many have seen and heard the good news of Jesus.

I am thankful for the students, doctors and others that came this spring break to be a blessing to others.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dental Clinic

Sunday a group of dentists from Abilene and Dallas arrived.  After a late lunch at Cafe Gringo, they came to Casa de Esperanza and examined all of the kids teeth.  The twins screamed and cried.  So did Sisi.

This was before the dentist even tried to look at him.

Everyone else did just fine.

Even Doris.

The pediatric dentist was so kind and gentle with her.

A list was made of whom needed more work.  That was just about everyone.  Monday after school, I took seven of the kids to town.  Tuesday morning, Nicole and I took eleven more.  You don't have to be crazy to work here, but it helps.

Many had cavities that were filled.  Some of the kids got sealants.  Some got caps and/or crowns.  Nohemy got one silver tooth, a molar.  There were a few baby teeth pulled, and only a couple of permanent teeth.  Guadalupe, Cris and Nohemy needed so much work that the dentists worked until the kids became tired, restless, or fearful.   The pediatric dentist again worked on Doris.  We wanted her to go first.  Nicole and I knew someone would have to be back there with her.  Nicole only got bit one time.

Many of our kids had horrible or no dental hygiene habits before they arrived at Casa.  We will see the effects of this for years to come.  I am so happy that our kids got their teeth fixed and not pulled.  This was thousands of dollars worth of dental work.

Some of the kids from the dump were also seen and many others.  I don't know how many people the dentists saw but it has been a great two days in Honduras and many people are not embarrassed to smile today.

Thank you dental team.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Club

Thirteen years ago, I became a member of a club.  I did not ask to be in this club, nor did I even want to be in this club.  I can't quit the club and no one will kick me out.  No one that is in this club wants to be a member of it.  This club is made of mothers who have lost one or more child.

Though I had no desire to be in this club, many other members and I have a tight bond with each other.  They can get me through some my bad days and, hopefully, I help them through their bad days.

As I prayed for the peace that passeth all understanding, especially today as I remember my son, I also prayed for that same peace for Janet, Joan, Nan, and Isobel, and many other moms with whom our paths have crossed.

And I would hope that no other mother ever has to become a member of this club.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Eye Clinic

For the first time ever, Honduras Hope has an vision care team this week.  This group is from Kansas.  Wichita, Topeka, and Dodge City.  Some members of the group have been here but never as part of an eye care team.  We are grateful they are here.

Saturday, they set up in the church building in Ojojona. 

Nicole spent her day off from Casa working as a translator.  She interviewed people and filled out the information in English so that the doctors would know what kind of problem each person was having.

Emma Kate greeted each person with a smile and helped her mommy all day.

We took five of our kids to the clinic for exams.

Brayan also worked all as a translator.  He helped with the English-Spanish translating and with the sign language with Rosy.

The doctors were very thorough.  It was interesting to watch them work and I was amazed that they would use their vacation time to do what they do every day.  And Saturday, the electricity was generator-powered as we were without electricity all day.  Welcome to Honduras.

At the end of the day 112  people had been seen.  Rosy, Nohemy and Maryuri needed glasses.  Ana and Brayan did not.  Nohemy has not taken hers off.  It has been a bit more difficult to keep Rosy's on her.

Sunday the group went to Danli and worked in small villages that had never had any kind of clinic.  Again, around 100 were seen.  Today and tomorrow, the clinic is being held at AFE.

I certainly hope this is not the last vision care team we have.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

February Newsletter

Making a difference, one child at a time
P.O. Box 9222
Columbus, MS 39705

Amigos de Casa,

With the Christmas tree down and safely stored, January brought a bit of a rest for the children. They still had to work on multiplication tables every day. But as the kids enjoyed the last few days of being out of school, Karen and the staff began preparing for school to begin.

School started Februay 1, which is two weeks earlier than normal. Uniforms had to be tried on, mended and/or altered. Many of our uniforms has seen six years of hard service and needed to be retired, as they were completely threadbare. The same held true for shoes. Karen had to begin purchasing uniforms, socks, shoes, and the basic list of supplies. This is no easy task.

Everyone was soon registered for school and eagerly awaited the day. That eager anticipation quickly dwindles after a day or so of school. This year we have twenty of the twenty three in public and private school.

-8th grade - Brayan and Pamela
-7th grade – Antonio
-6th grade – Jackson
-5th grade – Cindy, Ana, Daniela, Jose, and Fernando
-5th grade at Manos Felices – Rosy
-4th grade – Sisi, Katy, and Reina
-3rd grade – Nohemy
-2nd grade – Maryuri
-1st grade - Cris, Guadalupe, and Doris
-Kindergarten – Josue and Any

If this is not enough to keep us busy, Guadalupe, Reina, Fernando, Maryuri, Yair and baby Josue are all in Teleton. Nicole is driving to Teleton Monday through Thursday. The kids in first through sixth grade that are in public school are having to go to school on Saturday morning also. There is not much cheer around here on Saturday morning.

We are praying that everyone has a very successful school year in 2013.

Before school started, Matt and Nicole had slumber parties for the kids. The first night was for the girls and the second night was for the boys. There was popcorn and pizza and movies and staying up all night. Pamela stayed up until 3:30 and had to be at work at 9:00. Young ones can do that better than people my age. Matt and Nicole were very brave and/or crazy to do this for the kids. All the kids had fun.

The dreams of our second campus are coming closer to reality every day. Much work is being done on the house and the mission house. The mission house will house our mission groups and others. It will sustain the second campus and be used as a training center for all of the kids of Casa de Esperanza. Much work has been completed and there is much work to be done. We hope to open this campus toward the end of this year.

The first three of several rooms of the mission house.

  This is the house where several young ladies will come to live and call home.
This the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it. We have been given the awesome opportunity of having 23 precious souls placed in our care. We take this responsibility seriously. These kids have been broken, battered, abandoned, and orphaned. We have seen growth and improvement in each of them. Some days are worse than others, as they revert to old behaviors. But we love what we do or we would not be here. We could not do what we do without your financial support, your emotional support and your prayers. Please do not stop doing these things. We appreciate each and every thing that is done for Casa de Esperanza and each prayer that is prayed.

Please feel free to share this newsletter.

If you have questions, please contact me at


Terri Tindall

Monday, March 4, 2013

A Tribute To A Friend

Today, our friend, James Stone, died.  He was a good man, a good friend.  He will be missed by many on this earth, but tonight he is in heaven rejoicing, never to be sick again.  The angels in heaven are also rejoicing because a good and faithful servant has come home.

When we first moved to Columbus, James and Sandra were Nicole's Bible class teachers.  She loved both of them immediately.  As we got to know them better, we loved them, too.

James worked with the youth group and had a huge influence in many young lives.  He studied with and baptized Julia.  He was a friend and confidant to her.  There were many, many youth group trips on which James went, even after his kids past that age.  He just had a way with the kids that not too many people have.

His love for the Bible and his passion for sharing God's word with the lost was evident in all he did. 

James and Sandra certainly stood with us through many trials, including the loss of our son. Then in the loss of their son, we held their hands and cried and prayed together, just as they had done for us.

All of the kindnesses James Stone has done could not ever be listed in one place, due to space.  He will be missed by his family, by our family, by the Columbus Church of Christ, and probably by the whole town of Columbus.  Tonight my heart is heavy.  My prayers are with Sandra, Larry and the entire family. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

April's Dedication

Last night was April's dedication.  Melissa wanted to have her dedicated at our friend's, Pastor Fidel, church.  Miss April's dedication was held in conjunction with the church's 7th anniversary celebration.

Church was suppose to start at 6:00 last night.  Suppose to is a key word in Honduras.  Heidy had school until 4:00.  Marc picked her up and they raced to Santa Ana to change clothes.  I was in town doing errands.  There was no way I was going to miss April's dedication.  I came home before all the errands were done, something I don't like to do.  We were hoping to leave Santa Ana by 5:30 and be at church by 6:30.  We knew if we were there by 6:30, we would be ok.  All of us were rushing to make this 5:30 departure time.

We arrived at 6:30 with plenty of time to spare as church did not start until 7:00.  Welcome to Honduras.

The worship was beautiful.  Absolutely beautiful.  A bit different from what I am used to, but I loved every minute of it.

And, of course, Miss April was beautiful too, all dressed up for the special occasion.

Then when it was time for April to be dedicated, we all went up on the stage. 

 Pastor Fidel spoke to all of us.

 And then prayed for the baby to be raised the Lord's way.  I was moved to tears.

It was about 11:00 when we got back to Santa Ana.  It was a long day, but worth every second of it.

Now, we all have to help Melissa raise sweet April the way the Lord wants her raised.