Friday, March 22, 2013

New Pajamas

Every time Karen comes back from the States, she has new pajamas for everyone.  Thanks to Joyce Foreman.  This time was no exception.  Karen and Dorian returned on Tuesday.  That travel day is a long, long day.  Karen did not even think of pajamas until Wednesday.

Wednesday afternoon Karen began handing out the new pajamas.  Korbin had new pajamas this time.  And Haley and Emma, too.  That was really nice of Joyce to include Haley and Emma.

After showers, some of the kids came out wearing their new pajamas.


Mr. Smiley, Olman




Haley was much too busy eating the chocolate bunny that came with her pj's to look at the camera.  We went to eat at the cafe.  By choice, Haley wore her new pj's, her school shoes and no socks.   
Korbin and others wore their new pajamas as well.

Each pair of pajamas was different and each one had the child's name on it.
As always, the new pajamas were a huge hit.

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