Friday, March 29, 2013

Never A Dull Moment

I know I say that a lot.  But, with 23 kids, you just cannot imagine.  And, not all things are kid-induced.

This afternoon, Karen and Dorian took all the kids to Ojojona to see the alfombres.  Karen asked Maria and Reina to go and take the babies.  They said yes.  That is a good thing.  The adults in that house never leave because of the babies. 

Maria locked the house as she left.  There was no one on campus, so, of course, she locked the door.  Upon returning, Maria put the key in the lock and turned it.  It turned, but it did not open.  Karen went to the office and got the extra key and got the same results.  She then sent one of the kids for me.

Locked doors are getting to be a much too familiar scene around here.  Aren't they Kim and Pat?  Aren't they Jeff and Maria?

Some of the kids volunteered to go through the windows.  No one is small enough to go through the bars any more.  And like Karen said, we certainly don't need a house we can't get into and a kid with his head stuck in the metal bars.  We quickly vetoed the idea of sending someone through the windows.

With wrenches and screwdrivers, Brayan and I began to try to take off the lock.  We got some of the screws out, but the lock was not budging.  With dinnertime and shower time rapidly approaching, we decided upon another course of action.  A hammer. 

I gave the lock a few good licks.  I gave it to Brayan.  I knew he was dying to try out his manly skills with that hammer.  He did some serious damage.  But, then Maria took that hammer and she was a machine.  Perhaps, she was just venting her frustrations.

Today is a major holiday.  Nothing was open.  No one was working.  And, it is getting near the hour for everyone to be in church.  We called the guy that installed the locks and he could not come, but he called the guy that is working at the new campus.  Gustavo said he would come.

In the meantime, Marc arrived home.  With a hammer and another tool, he busted the lock.  The lock went into a hundred pieces.  Just as the lock busted, Gustavo arrived.  We paid him for the motor taxi both ways.

Maria and Reina scurried in and began showers and cleaning up the mess from the lock.

Maria will have to move a table or something up behind the door tonight.  Tomorrow we will call someone for a new lock and to repair the metal door. 

Maria will probably never want to leave the house again.

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