Wednesday, March 20, 2013

After The Rain

This is the hot, dry season.  Today could have been classified as that.  Hot and dry.  It took the sheets less than 30 minutes to dry on the line.  We normally would not even expect to see rain until May.  But, about 3:15, the sky darkened.  And then a downpour fell upon us.  It was almost time to go get Any and Josue from kinder.  I put on my rain boots and grabbed my umbrella and headed toward the kinder.  By the time I got there, it had quit raining.  But the kids were having so much walking under the umbrella that I let them.  Before we got home, it started raining again.  I got wet in order to keep they dry.

Shortly after we got home, it stopped raining again.  I was standing there in my rain boots and thinking how I sure would like to go splash around in the puddles on the cancha.  I wanted to do this so badly that I knew I would do it. 

About that time, the employees told the kids they could go out and play in the water a few minutes before shower time.  That was really all the encouragement I needed.  I splashed around.  And then, I might have kicked some water on Nohemy.  And then,  everyone was kicking and splashing.  Haley and Sisi laid down and were rolling around in the water.  What fun we had. 

Sometimes, I just need to be a big kid a little bit more often.

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