Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Program

Today begins Holy Week.  Otherwise known in Central America as national vacation week.  The school which Haley and Karla attend made last week a light week from studies.  The week included parties, picnics and programs.

Wednesday was a swimming party.  Both Karla and Haley were excited about this.  Haley had talked about it for weeks.  Karla was sick Wednesday, but Haley had a great time swimming.

Thursday was practice for the program.  Friday was a family picnic.  Matt, Nicole, Haley and Emma went to the picnic.  The rest of us missed that fun as most of us had other obligations.

Yesterday was the program.  With national vacation beginning, the traffic was horrible.  Getting to Tegucigalpa was an adventure in itself.

Haley before we left.  I have to snap fast when Haley is ready.  She doesn't stay clean very long.

The opening number was all of the children of the school singing a couple of songs.  The second song, "We Are the World", Haley was in the front row.

Then there was a spelling bee.  Byron, Christina and Nicole were the judges.

Pre-kinder did a Hawaiian dance.

Haley is looking at the teacher, a couple of steps behind everyone else.  She dances a lot like her mommy and grammy did.

Karla was one of the stars in the salsa dance.

 Emma enjoyed the program.

Some of the best pictures were made after the program.

Some of us  had not eaten lunch.  We all went to Church's after the program and had chicken and some sweet family time.  Haley did not eat chicken.  She ate mashed potatoes and ice cream, but not in that order.

I left Church's at the airport at 5:05.  It is normally a 40-45 minute drive home.  I got home at 7:30.

And, it is only the beginning of Holy Week.

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