Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Club

Thirteen years ago, I became a member of a club.  I did not ask to be in this club, nor did I even want to be in this club.  I can't quit the club and no one will kick me out.  No one that is in this club wants to be a member of it.  This club is made of mothers who have lost one or more child.

Though I had no desire to be in this club, many other members and I have a tight bond with each other.  They can get me through some my bad days and, hopefully, I help them through their bad days.

As I prayed for the peace that passeth all understanding, especially today as I remember my son, I also prayed for that same peace for Janet, Joan, Nan, and Isobel, and many other moms with whom our paths have crossed.

And I would hope that no other mother ever has to become a member of this club.

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