Monday, March 4, 2013

A Tribute To A Friend

Today, our friend, James Stone, died.  He was a good man, a good friend.  He will be missed by many on this earth, but tonight he is in heaven rejoicing, never to be sick again.  The angels in heaven are also rejoicing because a good and faithful servant has come home.

When we first moved to Columbus, James and Sandra were Nicole's Bible class teachers.  She loved both of them immediately.  As we got to know them better, we loved them, too.

James worked with the youth group and had a huge influence in many young lives.  He studied with and baptized Julia.  He was a friend and confidant to her.  There were many, many youth group trips on which James went, even after his kids past that age.  He just had a way with the kids that not too many people have.

His love for the Bible and his passion for sharing God's word with the lost was evident in all he did. 

James and Sandra certainly stood with us through many trials, including the loss of our son. Then in the loss of their son, we held their hands and cried and prayed together, just as they had done for us.

All of the kindnesses James Stone has done could not ever be listed in one place, due to space.  He will be missed by his family, by our family, by the Columbus Church of Christ, and probably by the whole town of Columbus.  Tonight my heart is heavy.  My prayers are with Sandra, Larry and the entire family. 

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