Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Break 2013

Spring break is rapidly coming to an end.  This week there has been 27 from Harding, 18 from Lubbock, 13 from Kansas which was the vision care team, and for the first part of the week 16 from Dallas and Abilene that made up the dental team.  And what an amazing week it has been.

The vision care group saw over 400 people, giving glasses to many of those.  Some of those people claimed to be able to see for the first time ever.   I don't know how many the dental care team saw, but it was a lot.  Four houses were built.  The people were fed in the dump.  This morning, Lubbock and Harding went to Hospital Escuela and then to the market to buy fresh fruits and vegetables for a food giveaway this afternoon.  A few visits to Casa de Esperanza have been made.  A class was held at AFE, showing the ladies how to crochet purses out of plastic grocery bags. The few nights I have gone to devotional, the singing has been awesome and the lessons good.  I am sure all of them were just as good as the ones I heard.  As always, new friendships have been formed.  Tomorrow, the Harding group is taking the Casa kids to Agua Splash.  The anticipation level is high this afternoon.

Many have seen and heard the good news of Jesus.

I am thankful for the students, doctors and others that came this spring break to be a blessing to others.

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