Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Santa Ana Library

I love to read.  I think I have always loved to read.  I buy lots of books.  I sold or gave away hundreds of books when we moved to Honduras.  In addition to buying books, I had a library card from the time I was six until the time we moved from Columbus in 2004.  And, I used my library card often. 

Many, many people in Honduras are illiterate, which is sad.  Even for the people that can read, reading is not encouraged.  That, too is sad.

This year kindergarten is being held in the library in Santa Ana.  I have lived here five and a half years.  I did not even know there was a library in Santa Ana.  Christina and I had to ask where it was so we could get the kids to school.  We were told it was past the cemetery.  I have been to the cemetery and been other places near the cemetery and I could not say, "oh yes, I remember seeing the library."  Nothing even slightly rang a bell as to where the library might be. 

Christina took the kids the first day and returned saying, "it really does not look like a library.  Maybe a house, but not a library."  I have since taken the kids to kinder and I agree with Christina.

I could not believe this was a library.

I was even more shocked when I saw the inside.

This was all the books in the library.

There is definitely plenty of room for the kinder to meet in this building.

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