Monday, March 25, 2013


When Pamela quit working with Mirian, some of the other girls began to work in that house.  They only get to work in the homework and chores are done.  They work from either 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon until 8:00.  They sign in and I pay them 10 lempiras a day.  That only converts to 50 cents.  They are happy with that.

I quickly learned that when I pay them, I need to take my keys to the store.  Because they all want to go buy and they spend everything they earn.  And, they spend it on the first day.

A few of them decided they would start saving their money and buy something bigger.  If they said they wanted to save,  I put it in an envelope with their name on it.

Ana and Cindy were saving theirs.  But then they both saw something in the Avon book that they thought they could not live without.  They ordered.  The Avon order came in before they could get enough money saved.  And they had to pay for their Avon.

Ana came down here to get her money and realized she did not have enough.  It certainly wasn't fair to the Avon lady to not get paid, so I loaned her some money.  In a few minutes, here came Cindy.  Cindy did not need as much as Ana did.

That was on Wednesday.  Payday is on Sunday.

On Sunday, Mirian asked Cindy what she was going to buy when she got paid.  With a downcast face, Cindy says, "Nothing.  I can't buy anything.  I owe Terri money."  Mirian said Cindy was really sad.  Mirian was laughing when she told me.

I actually paid the girls and made them sign for it and then they had to turn around and had to hand me their money.

Ana was working in Mirian's house when I paid her.  She really did not want to give that money back to me.  I said it's not too much fun to work and not get paid, is it.  Ana is a pretty temperamental little thing.  So, she made a face at me.

Not where Ana could see, but Mirian and I both laughed at her.

Cindy got her loan paid off yesterday.  She had four lempiras left.  She went directly to the store and spent it all.

Ana still owes 25 lempiras or so.  That means another couple of weeks of working without pay.

I hope they have learned a valuable lesson about loans.



Cindy in California said...
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Anonymous said...

The math does not make sense...I thought L50 is approximately $2.50, not 10 cents.

Terri L Tindall said...

When I do things late at night, after working all day, I make mistakes. The girls get paid 10 lempiras a day which converts to 50 cents.