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February Newsletter

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Amigos de Casa,

With the Christmas tree down and safely stored, January brought a bit of a rest for the children. They still had to work on multiplication tables every day. But as the kids enjoyed the last few days of being out of school, Karen and the staff began preparing for school to begin.

School started Februay 1, which is two weeks earlier than normal. Uniforms had to be tried on, mended and/or altered. Many of our uniforms has seen six years of hard service and needed to be retired, as they were completely threadbare. The same held true for shoes. Karen had to begin purchasing uniforms, socks, shoes, and the basic list of supplies. This is no easy task.

Everyone was soon registered for school and eagerly awaited the day. That eager anticipation quickly dwindles after a day or so of school. This year we have twenty of the twenty three in public and private school.

-8th grade - Brayan and Pamela
-7th grade – Antonio
-6th grade – Jackson
-5th grade – Cindy, Ana, Daniela, Jose, and Fernando
-5th grade at Manos Felices – Rosy
-4th grade – Sisi, Katy, and Reina
-3rd grade – Nohemy
-2nd grade – Maryuri
-1st grade - Cris, Guadalupe, and Doris
-Kindergarten – Josue and Any

If this is not enough to keep us busy, Guadalupe, Reina, Fernando, Maryuri, Yair and baby Josue are all in Teleton. Nicole is driving to Teleton Monday through Thursday. The kids in first through sixth grade that are in public school are having to go to school on Saturday morning also. There is not much cheer around here on Saturday morning.

We are praying that everyone has a very successful school year in 2013.

Before school started, Matt and Nicole had slumber parties for the kids. The first night was for the girls and the second night was for the boys. There was popcorn and pizza and movies and staying up all night. Pamela stayed up until 3:30 and had to be at work at 9:00. Young ones can do that better than people my age. Matt and Nicole were very brave and/or crazy to do this for the kids. All the kids had fun.

The dreams of our second campus are coming closer to reality every day. Much work is being done on the house and the mission house. The mission house will house our mission groups and others. It will sustain the second campus and be used as a training center for all of the kids of Casa de Esperanza. Much work has been completed and there is much work to be done. We hope to open this campus toward the end of this year.

The first three of several rooms of the mission house.

  This is the house where several young ladies will come to live and call home.
This the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it. We have been given the awesome opportunity of having 23 precious souls placed in our care. We take this responsibility seriously. These kids have been broken, battered, abandoned, and orphaned. We have seen growth and improvement in each of them. Some days are worse than others, as they revert to old behaviors. But we love what we do or we would not be here. We could not do what we do without your financial support, your emotional support and your prayers. Please do not stop doing these things. We appreciate each and every thing that is done for Casa de Esperanza and each prayer that is prayed.

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Terri Tindall

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