Saturday, March 16, 2013

Broken Collarbone

I was so glad there was no school this morning.  The kids were, too. 

At long last the day they had all been waiting for, the trip to Agua Splash.  The plan was to leave between 11:00 and 11:30.  That was the plan if they had school of if they did not have school.

The Lubbock group stopped by here for just a few minutes before they left town.  Before they left, the Harding group arrived to play with the kids before leaving for Agua Splash.  Everyone was playing and having fun with the gringos.  Nicole and Fernando had a head-on collision.  I am not sure what Fernando looks like, but Nicole's eye is swollen and will probably be black by morning.  I was in the store, when I heard someone say Brayan has hurt his shoulder and needs to see a doctor.  Matt said he would take him.  Matt and I were discussing whether to go to Hospital Viera or not, when Brayan said he was in so much pain that he would to go to the hospital in Ojojona.  And off they went.  They told Matt right off the bat that if he needed surgery, they would send him to Tegucigalpa to the hospital of his choice.  That made me feel better. 

There were x-rays taken.  The collarbone is broken and another bone.  Brayan is in a brace for two months.  There is a possibility the elbow is broken, too.  There is so much inflammation in Brayan's elbow, it could not be determined if it was broken or not.

When they returned from the hospital, the rest of the group had gone to Agua Splash.  Brayan want to go.  He wanted to go badly.  He did not want to go swim.  Just hang out with everyone.  And, Matt was willing to take him.  I knew that pain shot was going to wear off and it would be a long way home in the car.  Marc was the bad guy and said he could not go.  Brayan tried to be big about it, but tears welled up in his eyes. 

Lunch had not been prepared today since everyone was leaving.  Matt said he would take Brayan up to the cafe for lunch.  That helped a little, but it still was not Agua Splash.  Matt is up at Casa spending time with Brayan.  Everyone needs one-on-one time, but not on the day of Agua Splash.

Please pray for quick healing for Brayan.


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Debby said...

Poor guy! How on earth did he do so much damage. Praying for him!