Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dental Clinic

Sunday a group of dentists from Abilene and Dallas arrived.  After a late lunch at Cafe Gringo, they came to Casa de Esperanza and examined all of the kids teeth.  The twins screamed and cried.  So did Sisi.

This was before the dentist even tried to look at him.

Everyone else did just fine.

Even Doris.

The pediatric dentist was so kind and gentle with her.

A list was made of whom needed more work.  That was just about everyone.  Monday after school, I took seven of the kids to town.  Tuesday morning, Nicole and I took eleven more.  You don't have to be crazy to work here, but it helps.

Many had cavities that were filled.  Some of the kids got sealants.  Some got caps and/or crowns.  Nohemy got one silver tooth, a molar.  There were a few baby teeth pulled, and only a couple of permanent teeth.  Guadalupe, Cris and Nohemy needed so much work that the dentists worked until the kids became tired, restless, or fearful.   The pediatric dentist again worked on Doris.  We wanted her to go first.  Nicole and I knew someone would have to be back there with her.  Nicole only got bit one time.

Many of our kids had horrible or no dental hygiene habits before they arrived at Casa.  We will see the effects of this for years to come.  I am so happy that our kids got their teeth fixed and not pulled.  This was thousands of dollars worth of dental work.

Some of the kids from the dump were also seen and many others.  I don't know how many people the dentists saw but it has been a great two days in Honduras and many people are not embarrassed to smile today.

Thank you dental team.

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