Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas With The Fitzgeralds

To share Christmas with Nicole's family, it always has to be before or after.  If I was going to cook, it had to be on day off.  That meant last night.  We did something very untraditional and had fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole and biscuits.  And making its first appearance at one of our meals was a red velvet cheesecake cake. 

I made the cake before I left here, but did not get it frosted.  I had wanted to leave here at 2:00, but that did not happen.  I was loading the car, when Haley called and said Grammy I am on my way from school to help you.  All I wanted was to get to Nicole's house and get the girls' presents under the tree before they got home.  I managed to do that.  Then I unloaded the car. 

I peeled the potatoes and got them on to boil.  Haley had to do her homework before she could cook.  Haley was working on homework and she said look Grammy.  I thought she wanted me to see her homework.  I looked.   Emma was sitting there opening the presents.  As soon as Haley finished the homework, we made the frosting for the cake.  Then I began to show her how to batter the chicken.

She never minds getting right in there and getting her hands messy.

Everyone was cooking and talking and laughing.  We had so much fun.  In addition to being the chicken batterer, Haley helped Nicole and Emma make cookies.

Emma had several important jobs.  Tasting the cookies, tasting the mashed potatoes, and watching TV.

It has been so long since I fried chicken and made gravy.  It was so good.  After a couple of bites, Nicole said I think we have a new Christmas tradition.  Fried chicken.

We decided to have cake after the presents.  Nicole wanted me to have mine first.  We nearly always let the girls have theirs first.  I thought that was strange.  I was so excited when I saw it.

A world series shirt.  Yay Giants.

Two little girls sat watching in eager anticipation.  I picked up one present for Emmy and one for Haley.

Emma got a Hello Kitty Doll
and Haley got a giant art set.  Both girls were very pleased with these gifts.

Next Nicole gave the girls a gift from her and Matt.  World Series shirts for both girls.  Matt and Nicole are teaching those girls to cheer for the right team.  Emma had to put hers on immediately.  Nicole wanted to take a picture of the three of us, but Emma was way too busy with Hello Kitty for a picture.

Nicole began opening the art set and I began to try to unbind Hello Kitty.  Hello Kitty was not intended to ever be released.  As I diligently worked on unbinding her, Emma was beside me jumping up and down saying, " Emma Hello Kitty.  Emma Hello Kitty.  At last Hello Kitty was free.

A 1500 piece art set that had sticker, markers and all sorts of stuff, Haley wants to try the paints first.  Nicole was not wanting paint out that late on a school night, but she said ok because it was her Christmas present and who wants to be told no when it is a Christmas present.

There were still two presents remaining to be opened.  Both presents were for both girls, some blocks and some candy. 

The candy did have to wait until today.

Then it was time to have dessert.  Emma is two and has not quite learned the concept of this sharing thing.  But, she loves Hello Kitty so much that she shared her red velvet cheesecake cake with Hello Kitty.

By the time the cake was gone, Hello Kitty looked like she was bleeding from her mouth and her nose and other facial features.

I am so thankful that I could share this time with Matt and Nicole and their little girls.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


When Brayan and Pamela finished sixth grade, they were taken to Chili's to celebrate.  Since then, that has become a tradition.  The first year there was two kids that graduated sixth grade, the second and third years, there was one.  This year there was six. 

After the carnival and the fried chicken feed, the remainder of the Jesus Banquet group took these six to Chili's.  It was quite an event. 

Oops.  I almost forgot Karol and Kelin. 

We all rode in the van and it was a fun trip to town.  I loved hearing the kids laugh and talk.  We got to Chili's before the crowd, thankfully.

There were a lot of smiles.

The burgers were so big.  The kids did not know how to eat them.

We ordered two moltens for six kids.  That was plenty.

So much fun.

The kids were happy on the way to town, but on the way home, they were ridiculously silly.  Cindy kept getting more and more wound up.  There is no telling when she settled down and went to sleep. 

Our kids' grades have never been great.  Passing, but not great.  Most of them can do better.  Back in February, I challenged them.  Anyone that could 85% all year would be treated to pizza by me.  At first, I thought it was just going to be Josue going for pizza.  I thought he might not have too much fun with just me, so I invited Matt, Nicole and the girls.  Then I found out Rosy's grades were better than Josue's.   Yay Rosy!  She got to participate in all the celebrations.

I ordered 2 great big pepperoni cheesy-bite pizzas.  And, there was not much left.  I ordered one super sundae for the kids, Haley and Emma Kate as well.

I think Josue needed a spoon for each hand to eat that ice cream.
I hope that next year I have a great big group going with me to celebrate good grades.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fried Chicken At The Feeding Center

Five days a week approximately 200 hundred children are fed at the feeding center in Buen Samaritano,  Two days they receive beans and rice, one day soup, one day spaghetti, and one day arroz con pollo (chicken and rice).  There is no meat in the spaghetti and very little chicken in the arroz con pollo.  Along with this, they receive 2 corn tortillas and a glass of water.  Most of these children receive no other meal during the day.  Just think, if this is what you ate every week, how good some fried chicken would taste.

The day after the carnival this is what the children were served.  We bought 500 pieces of fried chicken from Kentucky Fried Chicken.  The two cooks that prepare the meals every day made mashed potatoes.  They still got two tortillas and instead of water, each child received a glass of coke.  For these children, this was a feast.

Thankfully, things were much calmer and more organized than the day before at the carnival.  There were many smiles, from both the children and the servers.



You know how good this looks.  Can you imagine how good it tasted when you are used to beans and rice or not eating at all?

Getting ready to eat.

Other happy faces.

A big thank you to those who came and made this day special for these children and a big thank you to all those you donated to this meal.  It was a special day for everyone.