Monday, March 31, 2014

Sewing Class

We want to show our kids as many skills as possible in order to prepare them to live in Honduras outside of a children's home.  Sewing is a skill that is still used in Honduras.  Some friends of ours, the Griffiths, Doug and Donna from Joplin and Nathan and Jenn Lou from Boston arrived on Wednesday.  Thursday was spent buying notions and such and Friday the class began.

Donna led the class, Nicole translated and Jenn Lou and I assisted.

At 3:00 the girls sat down at the table.  Each one received a sewing box of their very own.
Some were intently listening.
The most basic of instructions had to be given. 
How to hold scissors,
How to pass scissors,
how to take care of pins,
 how to measure thread, and

how to thread a needle.

The first project was a needle holder.

There was a willingness to help each other.
The next project was coasters.  Everyone got to select the fabric they wanted.

Nearly every one finished one coaster of the weekend.

Cindy finished three.
Even a couple of the boys gave it a try.

The next time the Griffiths return, the girls will be taught something a bit harder and then how to sew on a machine and then their own clothes.  How fun will that be.

A big thanks to all of the Griffiths for teaching sewing.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Glorious Day

Today was one of those days that it would have been easier to stay in bed than face the world.  But that option was not available.  Karen and Dorian were leaving at 9:00 and I had to be at Casa by then. 

Because I forgot one of the gate keys, the kids and I were a few minutes late to church.  A few minutes after that, Matt and Nicole and the girls arrived.  They normally go to church somewhere else.  That brightened my day.

I soon found out that our Fernando was being baptized.  That certainly put a big smile on my face.  When it came time for the baptism, I found out that not only Fernando was being baptized, but Adonis as well.  Remember Adonis that used to live at Casa.  And Adonis' mother was being baptized.  The day had certainly improved.

There was a reason Karen and Dorian left early this morning.  After six months in a treatment center, Antonio was coming home.  Karen and Dorian were going to church with him and the preachers were going to pray over him before he left.  Everyone here was excited about his returning.

The other boys were so cute.  They had planned a welcome party.  Jose had save his money and planned on buying the pizza.  Yesterday, he lost his wallet.  Brayan bought the pizza.  They all spent their own money.  There was cokes and bread and cake.  Matt bought the cake.  They decorated their room.  They did this before and after church.

Karen said they would be back at 3:00.  Right at 3:00, we heard Dorian honking the car horn.  Everyone ran toward the gate.  I was so happy to see that boy.  The boys let Karen and I in so we could each take one picture.  And, then they shut their door and had their party.  Everyone got a piece of cake.

Congratulations Fernando and welcome home Antonio.