Saturday, March 15, 2014


Rosy is our deaf child.  She attends school at a private school for the deaf in Tegucigalpa.  She receives a better education than most of our other kids, but a better education means more money.  We pay tuition.  There are also fundraisers each year in which we have to participate. 

We received a note about a kermesse,  a mini carnival.  Every parent had to provide food and work.  We don't ever know who has school on Saturday until Friday.  We also have a group here, meaning Marc and Matt were out of the picture for the day.  Nicole and I talked about it and decided to work the afternoon shift and then help clean up.  Everyone that was going to school would be home.  We also decided to take a bunch of kids with us.  As it turned out,  none of our kids had school today, but I was still glad we had the afternoon shift. 

Going anywhere is a grand event for these kids.  They were all dressed up and ready to go.  

Nicole, Doris and I loaded up 18 kids and Emma Kate and left here around 11:00.  I thought a couple of them were going to get sent back to the house before I even started the van.  Fortunately, they decided to stop hitting and to sit where they were told.

Once we got to Manos Felices, I gave everyone an envelope with some money in it.  No one could use money, they had to have tickets.  I took the money from them and bought tickets and then passed out the tickets.  I was grateful all of this took about 30 minutes.  We were there for 3 hours.  And, it was hot.

I told everyone they had to eat something and they had to eat before they started playing games.  Fernando had a donut for lunch and then had another one.  Josue had cake.  Some spent all of their tickets on food.  I ate my share of junk food, too.  Some played every game and some played every game more than once.

It was so hot.

I love watching Rosy in her world.  She wanted some of the girls to see her classroom and meet her friends.

It was hot, but we had a lot of fun.

Emma Kate and Ana found some shade.  Emma was eating some sweet bread.  Then someone sat down beside her and shared their chocolate donut.

I will say we had a lot of fun.  I will also say I am very tired.

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