Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bible Study

Sometimes, as I sit in this office hour after hour, it is easy for me to feel I am not doing anything important or making a difference in anyone's life.  I know.  That is the devil doing a number on me.  And, sometimes it works pretty well.

I am so excited about a Bible study that was started this afternoon.  Heidy, Melissa, Ana, Andrea, Vanesa and I started a study on the book Human and Holy or Humano y Santo in Spanish.  This book is written by Michelle Goff; Nicole and I are friends with Michelle.  And Nicole will be joining us next week. 

I gave everyone a book and gave Bibles to most of the girls.  I had already given a Bible to Melissa.  Andrea, Heidy, and Vanesa got new Bibles.  Ana received the one I had given to Karla when she first came to live with us.  Yes, there were a few tears.  And, yes, there  be more tears as we progress through this study.  We all loved Karla and her presence is deeply missed.  At Bible study and at all times.

This is a struggle for me.  My Spanish is not what it should be, but after much prayer, God got me through today.  I am excited about spending this quality time with the girls each week.  I think they are excited, too.

Prayers needed that we grow closer to each other and to God and the my spanish improves through this.

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