Friday, March 7, 2014

New Employee

Last year we made the decision to hire someone to take the kids to Teleton.  We hired Debora Flores.  Debora has decided to pursue other interests.  There is always people needing work, but this particular job is usually a little harder to fill.  The person has to ride the bus to town and is largely out of our presence all day.  She has to be kind with the kids, yet firm.  She has to present herself well at Teleton and communicate well at Teleton and with us.

Karen thought of a couple of people.  One of those is a neighbor.  She did not have the woman's number and called the preacher to ask for the number.  The preacher asked if Luci, his wife, could apply for the job.  Karen said yes.

Not knowing exactly why, I had reservations about that.  I prayed long and hard about this.  I immediately begin to list all of Luci's good qualities.  She loves children.  At church she is always loving on all of the children.  She is intelligent and presents herself well and communicates clearly.  It seemed like a good fit. 

After interview Luci, Karen discovered she had experience working with children.  We decided she was just what we needed.

Nicole took Luci to Teleton last Tuesday to meet the teachers.  Then they went to the hospital to see Karla.  Luci was in the room with Karla when she died.  She had no choice to stay at the hospital until we left.  She then came home did her role as the preacher's wife and prepared food for our family.  I figured anyone who did not bolt after that terrible first day of work was worth her weight in gold. 

Today was her first day to ride the bus to town with one of the children.  This morning when Luci arrived, I was in Mirian's house giving the medicine.  Luci arrived early.  There was a calmness about her.  She took Guadalupe's hand and they left.  Guadalupe was smiling. 

I feel good about the decision to hire her.  And, she has already thanked me more than once for giving her this opportunity.

Please pray for Luci in her new job.

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