Thursday, March 20, 2014


Many of the children are sick right now.  We are going through cold and cough medicine quickly.  I don't even remember to how many I gave cough medicine this morning.   A few employees have had, too.  And, now I have it.  I hope it doesn't last long.  I feel rotten.

A couple of weeks ago, Baby Josue had a sore throat.  He is still fragile.  Nicole took him to the immunologist and antibiotics were started.  Then Olman got it.  Karen took him to see the ENT on Friday.  Both twins seemed to be getting worse, not better.

This morning Nicole made appointments.  This afternoon she loaded both twins in the car and headed for Tegucigalpa with them.  She was thankful Stephanie was here to go with her.  Emma and Haley stayed with me.  That would be the subject of another blog some day.

Both twins have a severe case of tonsilitis, with Josue`s being much worse than Olman's.  The doctor prescribed a couple of shots for Josue.  Nicole bought the shots and the syringe.  She headed to the pediatric nurse for her to give the first injection.  The doctor had ordered that Josue be tested for allergies before he received the shot.  And, he was allergic.  Nicole had to haul everyone back to the doctor's office.  He, then, prescribed a stronger antibiotic and Nicole went back to the pharmacy.  I am sure she was very thankful that Stephanie was with her.  She arrived here several hours after she left.  She was exhausted.

Please pray for all of us that are sick to soon be well and that no one else gets anything.  Thanking you in advance for all prayers.

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