Tuesday, March 11, 2014

You Are Making A Difference

This blog is for my donors.  No matter how large or small your donation is, you are making a difference.  If you give weekly, monthly, yearly or only once, you make a difference.  The following letter is from one of the workers in the feeding center.  It will first be in Spanish exactly as she wrote it, followed by the English translation.   For those spanish speakers, some of the spanish is misspelled, but this is exactly as she wrote it.

Hola que Dios melos Bendiga por siempre.
Por ser unas personas tan buenas le agradesco mucho a me Señor celestial por abermelos puesto en mi camino soy madre de tres presiosos niños los amo mas que ame vida.
Dios me abrio las puerta de trabajar en el comedor para poderle servir a niños que necesitan mucho para mi es un plaser aserles sus alimentos porque eyos necesitan asi como necesitan los mios.
Solo uno de madre sabe que duele que su hijo le pida y no poderle dar.
Dios amandado est bendision a esta colonia.  Mi situasiòn es bien difisil pero gracias que encontre unas personas bellas y todos los dias le pido a Dios quelos grande y los bendiga siempre.

Hello, I hope that God always blesses you for being such good people.  I thank God in Heaven for putting you in my path.  I am a mother of three precious children whom I love more than my life.
God has opened the door for me to work in the feeding center to serve the children with much need.  For me, it is a pleasure to make their food that they need just as much as my own children need.
Only a mother can know the pain when their child asks for something and they cannot give it to them.
God has sent this blessing to my neighborhood.  My situation is very difficult, but thanks to God that I have found these great people.  Everyday I ask God to care for them.
God bless you,
Claudia Melissa Galeano Duròn

Currently, we are feeding over 200 children a day in the feeding center.  Children that have "much need" and are hungry.  Two hundred bags of school supplies were handed out in this community so that children could go to school.  Two women have jobs.  The wood, chicken for some of the meals and all of the tortillas are purchased in the community, thus employing a few more.

Matt is currently having a Bible study with the two employees.

Every cent you give to this project and all others in which we are involved is making a difference.  And, the people in the community are giving thanks to whom thanks belongs:  our God in Heaven.

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