Tuesday, March 18, 2014


On February 20, Fernando came home from school early.  He was in extreme pain.  It was in the middle of the lower abdomen.  After giving him some tylenol and waiting 30 minutes, the pain was no better.  Karen rushed him to Tegucigalpa to see Dr. Simòn.  A few tests were done and it was determined he had a colon infection.  A round on antibiotics and other medicines were prescribed.  We completed the meds, however Fernando was feeling much better the next day.

Sunday night the same thing happened and Karen rushed him to the emergency room.  Again, a colon problem.  I could not help but wonder if some of the junk he ate at the fair on Saturday contributed to this round of extreme pain.  Three bags of popcorn.  Possibly.  Certainly not the best food when you have a colon problem. 

There are more medicines and change of diet is needed.  No cabbage, cucumbers, or broccoli for Fernando.  Unfortunately, those things are eaten frequently at Casa de Esperanza. 

Fernando is awfully young to have colon problems.  Coming from a person that has colon problems, I am extremely concerned about this for him.  Please pray for Fernando.

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