Sunday, March 16, 2014


Josè had quite a temper when he came to live at Casa de Esperanza five years ago.  Every time some one tried to tell him something or discipline him, he blew up.   He would not listen to any one. 

He loved doing karate moves.  When the opportunity came, we allowed him to take karate lessons.  He was sure he already knew what he was doing and soon found himself out of the class because he would not listen to the  instructor.

When I started teaching kids to work in the store, he wanted to work.  I would not let him simply because he would not listen to anyone.  I began to notice, though, if I came home with a load of drinks, he was one of the first to run to the car and help me unload.  I also noticed his temper calming.

In December, I decided to let him try working in the store.  He was so eager and did a good job. 

We have had a group here and Josè got to work in the store two nights last week.  I usually have one more experienced child and one that does not know quite as much working.  Last night Josè was working drinks and snacks.  A person came in and bought some lenca.  Jackson or I should have wrapped that Lenca.  Jackson was no where to be seen.  I decided it was time for Josè to learn to wrap.  At first, he did not understand my instructions.   I showed him what I meant and he did it just that way.  He was cutting little short pieces of tape and piecing them together.  I showed him how he could take the tape and wrap around and around the item he was packaging.  And when he responded with "oh yes, I see.  That is much better.", I smiled a great big smile and was beaming with pride. 

At one time, I never thought this obstinate one would allow me to show him anything, much less agree with me that my suggestion was better than his.  I am so proud of Josè.  He has come a long, long way in five years.

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Kent Hinds said...

Love and patience, two amazing words!!! Great job Terri!!!