Monday, March 24, 2014

The Ambulance Has Arrived In Santa Ana

Many months ago, some of our friends in Indiana got an ambulance donated.  Ambulances are very needed here and so many small communities want one.  We were excited that was had been donated.  The people in Indiana were excited.  Everyone was excited.

Marc really wanted to drive this ambulance to Honduras.  Allen and Lester left Indiana after church and drove to Oklahoma City where Marc was waiting.  It was 10:00 p.m. or so when they left Oklahoma City.  Lester left the party in Dallas and flew back to Indiana.  Marc and Allen drove all night.  Through Texas.

As I prepared to board my flight in Oklahoma City, Marc told me they were at the border and they should be crossing soon. 

I arrived in Atlanta and turned on my phone.  It rings immediately.  Nathan is on the other end asking if Dad was driving an ambulance to Honduras.  On facebook, he had read of some problem at the border.  After I checked in my hotel and got on the internet, I had a strange email.  It was a confirmation of Marc's flight from Harlingen.  ????  I was very confused. 

Not really expecting Marc to still be in the States, I dialed his U.S. phone.  And, much to my surprise he answered it.  He said the people at the border told them their van looked too much like an ambulance.  LOL.   Also, there is a law stating that a personal vehicle cannot be brought into Mexico that weighs more than 6000 pounds.  The law was shown to Marc in a book.  It was not something someone made to hassle the gringos.  The ambulance weighed 9500 pounds and needed some special permits.  Marc and Allen both bought a ticket to their respective homes, thus the party was over.

Marc talked to people that could help him get the permits.  When that was accomplished, someone drove the ambulance through Mexico and Guatemala.  Getting the ambulance into Honduras was another ordeal.   One that has taken months.

On a side note,  Nicole ordered a spring horse for the girls for Christmas.  She had it shipped to Allen's house and it was in the ambulance.  When Marc left that ambulance, Nicole and I both were sure the girls would not see that spring horse for Christmas.  Or ever.  Just a few days before Christmas, Marc was able to drive to the border of Honduras and Guatemala and get the spring horse, now known as Harry Boy.  The ambulance was not allowed to enter Honduras, but the spring horse was. 

There have been several trips over there.  Several phone calls.  I do not know what was going on in Guatemala, but I do know there was plenty happening on this side of the border relating to the ambulance.  And the ambulance was finally able to enter Honduras.  Marc had sent Jonathan on the bus over there and Jonathan was going to drive the ambulance home. 

I don't know for sure, but I am thinking that Jonathan had a lot of fun driving that ambulance across Honduras.  It overheated shortly after crossing the border.  Marc had to go over and buy some parts.

The ambulance and Jonathan arrived at the Casa gate yesterday afternoon.  Jonathan washed it.  And, it is now sitting on the concha waiting for the lucky recipient to receive it.

If that ambulance could talk, I am sure it has some stories to tell of its six month journey from Indiana to Honduras.

I saw the ambulance with my very own eyes.  I touched it with my very own hands.  And, I took a picture with my very own camera.  The ambulance is really here in Santa Ana.


Kent Hinds said...

God does indeed work in mysterious ways! This long awaited ambulance that began after you stayed at our house has finally made it!! I hope that is blesses many people! Thanks so much for all your efforts and persistence and helping us to understand God's time! KENT

Allen said...

Thank God! I am so glad it is there. Thanks for the good report. It brought back lots of memories.