Saturday, March 8, 2014

I Can't Believe He Ate The Whole Thing.

Matt and Nicole started a tradition of taking the kids out to eat at Chili's when they finish sixth grade.  When Jackson finished sixth grade in November, there was a lot happening.  Baby Josue was in the hospital.  Jackson broke a wrist and had to have surgery.  First one thing and then another and Jackson did not get his trip to Chili's.  Matt and Nicole decided that last night would be a good time to cash in on that.  Kim is here.  John is here.

The plan was to leave at 4:30.  I bought propane and got home around 3:45.  Jackson began to unload the tanks.  He seemed to be in no hurry.  Kim and I came down and began to get ready to go to town.  Jackson is dirty and playing.  I called Nicole and asked if Jackson knew he was going to Chili's.  She said oops, I think I forgot to tell him.  I ran up and told him.  He did not say a word.  Just gave me a big smile and went inside to change clothes.

It was a fun ride to town and even more fun ride home.

Emma Kate was all dressed up.  You should have seen her after her french fries and ketchup arrived.

Jackson ordered a huge hamburger.

 And, he ate the whole thing.

Haley enjoyed her corn on the cob

Then Jackson ordered a big dessert and ate all of it.

I hope Jackson enjoyed his night out.  I did.  I needed some time out and time with family and friends.

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