Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Something has hit hard at Casa.  Karen, Dorian and Korbin were sick.  Little Korbin is still sick, as are the twins.   Reina was sick.  And Ana.  Adonis has not felt well.  Nor Sisi.  Haley was not feeling well.  And now Any.  Cris was sick at visitation Friday.  Others have been sick. 

I pray that everyone is soon well and that the rest of us don't get whatever it is.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Girl Time

As work is being done on Matt and Nicole's house, they are living here.  I love it.  Sweet Haley gets up in such a pleasant mood.  Having my daughter around all the time. 

Last week, Matt and Marc and all the interns went to Copan.  I envisioned Nicole and I having all this wonderful girl time.  We were going to eat lunch in town one day, which we did after I took her to the doctor.  We were going to go to town one evening for supper.  The only night we went to town was to take the three that drank gasoline to the emergency room.  I thought we would have gourmet meals and visit late into the night.  Ha!  We both are too tired at night to do much visiting.  Between us, we did good to get any food on the table, the laundry washed and hung on the line and the dishes done.  There has been nights of both of us working. 

Even though, it didn't work quite like I had it planned, it has been a great week having Nicole and Haley here.  Sometimes, you can't plan that special time.  It just happens.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Gas Guzzlers

Most of us think of a gas guzzler as an SUV or other vehicle that uses a lot of gasoline.  At Casa de Esperanza, the term has a whole new meaning.

It has been a long day.  A really long day.  Matt and Christina are gone.  Nicole had a mandatory meeting at Teleton.  It was market day.  It was visitation day.  One car is out of commission, leaving only one to accomplish all of the above.  The teachers were striking and all the kids were home with tons of homework to do.  Karen, Dorian and Korbin were all sick.  It was decided Nicole would go to the market before her meeting since only one car was available.  She left here at 10:40 and returned at 6:40.  Sounds like one of my days.  She did not leave Teleton until after 5:00.  She stopped at Little Caesar's and got a hot and ready.  I was thankful for that. 

Right before she got home, Karen called.  Karen was talking so fast I could not understand her.  But, I heard the word gasoline.  And then I heard some of the kids' names.  Three kids drank gasoline from a bottle Reina found.  She managed to sneak it into the house and hide it.  Then, when no one was looking, she drank some of it and generously shared it with two others.  Josue reeked of gasoline.  The other two did not smell quite so bad. 

Nicole walked in the door with the pizza and I said did you unload the car?  She said, "Mom, I am tired and hungry and I want to eat some of this pizza.  Then in my fast voice, I said three kids drank gasoline.  Somehow, we inhaled some pizza and she got Haley ready for bed while I unloaded the vegetables.  Nicole told the three kids to get their shoes on because they were going to the hospital.  Cindy, Daniela, and Rosy were quite upset about someone having to go to the hospital.  Somehow, Katy missed out on this adventure and trip to the hospital.  Nicole took them to the hospital in Ojojona.  The people at the hospital said she should take them to Tegucigalpa just to be sure they were ok.  Nicole came back here and she and I went to Tegucigalpa.  I carried a sleeping Haley up to the car where Nicole and the kids were waiting.

Karen and I both had checked the internet to know what to do.  The site I read said that anyone that drank gasoline would burp and pass gas several times for a couple of days.  And it would smell like gasoline.  Maryuri entertained herself all the way down the mountain by passing gasoline gas.  She thought it was so funny. 

All three kids were so scared and so nervous.  Reina began to say she needed to use the bathroom.  Then she started crying.  From experience, I know when Reina says she needs to go and then starts crying, she is going to wet her pants.  There is not much shoulder on the windy, curvy road down the mountain, but I found a safe place to pull off.  Nicole was going help Reina use the bathroom on the side of the road.  Reina and Maryuri both jumped out of the car.  Nicole held Reina where she didn't go all over herself.  Reina got back in the car.  Nicole starts laughing.  Maryuri is in a one piece zippered pajama.  With rubber boots on as shoes.  Nicole had to nearly undress Maryuri for her to go to the bathroom.  She had to hold Maryuri's arms and the arms of her pj's. 

We went a bit further and Maryuri and Reina both started crying and saying they needed to go to the bathroom again.  I told them we were not doing that again and we were nearly to the hospital.  I drove a little faster.  Maryuri had a complete meltdown for a few minutes.  Nicole talked kindly and gently to her.  We arrived at the hospital.  Nicole is carrying Haley, I am carrying Josue and Reina and Maryuri are running for the bathroom.  I guess they were so scared that they just had to keep going to the bathroom. 

When they were called, Nicole went with them and I stayed in the waiting room with Haley.  We were sitting there talking and watching tv.  She turned and looked outside.  It was very dark.  She saw two doctors walking around out there.  They both had on their white lab coats.  Haley started screaming and would not quit.

Meanwhile, the doctor is giving the kids very thorough exams.  He determined no gasoline got into their lungs.  They will have tummy aches for a few days, but he gave medicine to help with that.  Other than that, they will be fine.

Since the hospital is right next door to Wendy's, Nicole thought we should get a frosty.  All four kids were wide awake and I knew if she got one, they would all want one.  A very bad idea at 10:30 at night..  So I nixed that idea and we came home.

I know Karen, Nicole and I will sleep much better knowing the kids are ok.

I hope the next gas guzzler is a car that uses a lot of gasoline and not a kid that drinks it.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Once upon a time, Marc was a successful businessman.  And he worked all of the time.  I would often say, "Just stop.  For just a little while, just stop."   Sometimes he would and sometimes he would not.  We gave up that way of life and moved to Honduras. 

I love my job (jobs) at Casa de Esperanza.  I can't imagine doing anything else.  There is still a workaholic among us.  And it is not Marc, even though he works long hard days.  It is me.  I never stop.  Never.  Even when Marc says, "Just stop.  For just a little while, just stop."  There is so much to do and I am never at a stopping point.  I never can say, "Everything is done."  I can never say the end is in sight.  So, I keep working.

God has blessed us with many friends.  In the other life,  I was fairly regular with communicating, either by phone or email.  When we moved to Honduras, one of the things I committed to myself was to be regular in communication.  And at first, I was very faithful in communication.  But the busier I get and the further behind I get, the less I communicate.  Yes, I blog.  I try to answer email concerning groups and Casa de Esperanza.  I am not even as good at that as I once was.  But, I do not communicate with my family and friends like I should.  Like I want to.  Not even my sweet little Camille. 

Last night I facebook chatted with a friend.  And, this morning I had a day-brightening chat with Ruthann.  Both of these chats lasts only a few minutes.  Both made me feel much better.  Both made me realize I how I needed to be having these little chats and little phone calls more often.  I am blessed with friends and I need you guys.  I need to stop working for a few minutes or seconds and send a brief email, or happen to catch you when  you are on facebook. 

Hopefully, I can put my work aside and communicate better.  We will see, won't we?


Sunday, May 20, 2012

A New Baptistry And Stage

The church in Santa Ana will soon be seven years old.  Like many Honduran churches, this one receives some support from a church in the States.  But, this church has always tried to do as much as it could without aid. 

From the beginning, the baptistry has been outside.  That is ok in February, March, and April.  But when it is cold and/or rainy, having a baptistry outside is not ideal.  It suffices.  A while back, it was decided to move the baptistry inside.  After proper permission was attained, work began.  There was volunteer labor by church members, thus, cutting the cost to only materials.  The church ladies brought meals to the men working.  Since the church building is right behind my house, I could hear the workers laughing and talking.  Fellowshipping as Christians should.  It reminded me of the new ceiling in the fellowship hall at Antioch many long years ago. 

In addition to the baptistry, a stage was added also. 

The baptistry is at the back of the stage and remains covered when not in use.  By digging the baptistry into the floor, space was saved.

The children are performing on the stage.

Everyone is so proud of the new baptistry and stage and proud that they were able to build it without outside help.


Friday, May 18, 2012

Date Night

Marc and I have been so busy.  Going in different directions.  Working on different things.  Sometimes, at night I tell him about some things going on at Casa and he tells me about what he has been doing.  Next Tuesday the summer interns arrive and then groups begin.  It is going to get busier.

Earlier in the week, I said, "Wednesday night, Thursday night, Friday night or Monday night.  Pick one of them."   Of course, he wanted to know why.  Nicole chimed in, "You are taking Mom on a date."  Marc chose Friday night.  But then, Baby Arturo died and Marc has been with that family for two whole days.  Matt and I went to get new product for the store today.  I thought I could see my date evaporating.  Marc got home and I know he was exhausted.  He said he needed 15 minutes of rest and he would be good to go. 

Marc's phone rang three times before we got out of Santa Ana.  He then  turned  it off.  Yay!  We went to Applebee's.  We ordered spinach and artichoke dip for our appetizer.  We don't often order appetizers.    I ate about half of my meal and then ordered a box.  I really was looking forward to finishing that meal for lunch tomorrow.  I left the box on the table. 

Tomorrow, we start all over.  Going in different directions.  Working on different things.  But for over 3 hours tonight, it was just the two of us.  I am so thankful for that precious time.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another Nightmare In Hospital Escuela

Anyone that has ever visited Hospital Escuela knows the deplorable conditions that exist there.  After living here for five years, we have seen and heard some awful things.  This is definitely one of them.

There is a couple named Arturo and Katia.  Marc met this young couple in the dump and befriended them.  When their baby boy was born a couple of months ago, his intestines were on the outside of his body.  With some of the money from the dump fund, we were able to pay for the surgery needed for this baby.  Marc visited them in the hospital every day and when it was time to go home, Marc took them home so they did not have to ride a bus. 

Things went well until Baby Arturo developed an infection and was taken back to the hospital.  He was in the hospital for a couple of weeks.  On Saturday night, Marc received a call from the dad saying the baby had died.  Marc left early Sunday morning to go help the family with the funeral.  Minutes after Marc received the call the baby was manually revived.  Marc stayed with the family most of Sunday.  The baby died 2 more times on Sunday and two more times was manually revived. 

Hospital Escuela is a teaching hospital.  They were using this baby to teach the medical students and nurses how to manually revive a dead person.  There was a new person in the room about every 20 minutes.  The baby had no brain function and, for all practical purposes, was dead.  The parents were not allowed to leave the hospital with their baby.  They he was not going to live.  They wanted to take him home and hold him and keep as comfortable as possible until he died.  But they were not allowed to leave. 

The baby died this morning and Marc is on his way to help the family.  Please pray for this family.  They have lost their baby boy.  But they have been through a horrible week as their child was used by the hospital. 


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Uncle

When we lived in the States, we often went to weddings, graduations, funerals and other important events of not only our family, but many friends as well.  We knew we could not continue to attend everything for everyone after moving to Honduras.  Most of the time, I am ok with that.  But sometimes, I just want to be with my family.

Last week, my uncle died.  My dad's last brother.  It is sad when a family member dies, but when the last in a generation dies, it is sadder, at least to me.    Oh how I wished I was in Borger yesterday.  My sister and all of my cousins were there, and some of their kids.  I needed to be with them. 

My uncle lived a good life.  A long life.  And, we will miss him.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is the second biggest holiday in Honduras, behind only Christmas.  Every school has a program.  Our kids have been practicing all week.  Thursday night, Kathy and Dilma were busy finishing costumes.  Today was the big day for the program at the elementary school.  We started the day at 5:45, just like a regular school day.  There was makeup and hair and all sorts of things to be done.  Some of the kids had to be at school at 8:00, some at 8:30, and some at 9:00.  We all left to be there at 8:00.

From past experience, I was preparing Nicole for the teachers to come in at 9:00 or later and start decorating, start setting up the sound system.  We were pleasantly surprised to find the decorating done and the sound system working.  Could this program possibly start on time?  Of course not.  This is Honduras.

Shortly after the appointed started time, a mariachi band began to play.  This was a gift from the mayor of Santa Ana.  He is running for re-election.  He also supplied an extra canasta for each grade.  I guess some will do anything to get re-elected.  The mariachi band played 10 songs and the sound system went down.  The real program started about 10:30, an hour late.

Our first graders, Maryuri and Guadalupe, were in a dance.  We always worry about Maryuri having a meltdown before she performs and going on stage.  She went up there and she and Guadalupe both danced their little hearts out.  It was a traditional Honduran dance.
Guadalupe and Maryuri with their dance partners

The second graders sang a song in french.  And then, Adonis and Nohemy sang Jesus Loves Me in english.
Nicole and I were beaming just like the other mothers.

The third grade did several numbers, of which Sisi had a part in two of them.  Katty was suppose to be in one, but she was not where she was supposed to be when she was supposed to be there and someone else wore her sack.  Imagine that.

Sisi is in the pink and grey t-shirt

In this skit, a mother chicken was protecting her chicks from the wolf.  Sisi was one of the chicks.

Ana had the role of the most beautiful lady.  Jose, the ruffian, wanted to dance with the pretty lady and she would have no part of him.  The pretty lady did a pretty dance and had a sassy little attitude as she refused to dance with Jose.  Someone certainly picked the perfect person for that role.  Ana's sassy little attitude shone at its best.  She did an amazing job with this role.

Jackson did a recitation.  It was long and he had memorized it well.  He was nervous and said it as fast as he could.

Our only 6th grader was home with a broken leg.

We always hope we don't win one of the canastas, but Nicole was still a lucky winner today.

I was proud of each and every one of the children today.  I was also glad to finally be home when we arrived at 12:30.

Happy Mother's Day to all.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

When It Rains, It Pours

Last week was a hard week.  Karen and I both posted that on blogs and/or facebook.  Karen even commented, "when it rain, it pours."  Then Antonio (Fito) broke his leg on Saturday morning. 

It is still raining.  And, it is still pouring.  Today, Brayan was admitted into the hospital.  He has been complaining of a pain in his left side.  With 24 kids, we don't usually run to the doctor over every little ache and pain.  Brayan said the pain was worse today.  It hurt to walk and hurt even more to sit.  We decided we should have it checked out.  The cause of the pain could not be determined, so they admitted him for tests.  At the hospital Karen was told it might be a cyst, it might be a tumor or any number of things.  This is a very rare case.  Maybe that is a bit dramatic and maybe not.  We hope, and pray, it is not anything serious.  Right now, he has an IV and pain meds.  Therefore, I am sure he is resting well. 

Please pray for Brayan.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Change For Fernando

Last week, Karen and I discovered that one of the older boys had been picking unmercifully on Fernando.  Of course, this was not happening in front of us or any other adult.

Adonis, who lives in the other house, had a bedroom to himself.  There is a four year old, a two year old and the babies and two girls also living in that house.  Adonis is the oldest.  And due to the fact, he thought the younger kids were getting more than their fair share of attention, Adonis was always acting out.  Trust me, he was getting plenty of attention, but not the kind he needed.

Karen decided to move Fernando into the other house and into Adonis's bedroom.  She talked to Fernando and Mirian.  Then Fernando had to go talk to Mirian.  Fernando came running back with a huge smile on his face.  Fernando then told Adonis he was moving into his house and his room.  Adonis and Fernando hugged each other.  Fernando began saying he would share his clothes. 

Sunday night, when I was in Mirian's house, Fernando was still smiling.  Monday morning, they sat by each other in devo.  Fernando was still smiling Tuesday afternoon and said he liked his new room.  We hope both Adonis and Fernando keep smiling and liking this new change.  We also hope it proves to be a good decision and beneficial to both boys.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A House For Heidy

A few weeks back, Marc met a lady named Heidy.  She has five kids.  Her husband died before the baby was born.  Heidy and the kids were living in a hole that had been dug as a latrine.  Out of a few pieces of scrap wood, they had made something to cover the hole at night.  Things like living in a latrine are incomprehensible to me.

Last week, I had the opportunity to meet Heidy and her kids.  The kids are so sweet. So is Heidy.
Yesterday, Marc and crew built a house for Heidy.  A three bedroom house.  One bedroom for the girls, one for the boys and one for Heidy.  Last week the family was excited just knowing they getting a house.  I am sure yesterday there was even more excitement. 

I am so thankful that this sweet family no longer has to live in a latrine.


Monday, May 7, 2012

April Newsletter

Casa de Esperanza
Making a difference, one child at a time
P.O. Box 9222
Columbus, MS 39705

Amigos de Casa,

The rainy season has begun much earlier than normal. Many days it is a rush to get the clothes washed and on the lines so they can dry before the rain begins. This is very unusual for this time of year, but we are grateful for the short dry season.

First quarter exams have already been completed. Some of the kids need to study a little harder. As the new quarter begins, Reina is returning to school. Being aroung two and four year olds all day, her behavior was regressing. She has been placed in third grade. She has to do as much work as she can. The other third graders had to write numbers from 6000-9000. Reina had to write from 1-100. It took a while, but she got it done, and, without too much frustration. She is still going to Teleton and Nicole is still working with her of an afternoon. In addition to her regular classes at Teleton, she is currently taking a self-esteem class.

Teleton helps some of these kids with special learning problems, but they also try to build the children's self-esteem. There recently was a parade for all the Teleton students. Maryuri and Reina's class had to dress as professionals. Reina wanted to be a teacher. Maryuri wanted to be a doctor. A neighbor made the cutest little lab coat for Maryuri. Reina wore a professional looking suit. Guadalupe and Fernando had to wear green shirts. There were marching bands and the whole works for the parade. All the noise from the band drove little Maryuri to a meltdown. She wasn't going to march in the parade, but Nicole and Haley marched with her. Every child in that parade felt special by the time the day was over. Even Maryuri.

Pamela continues to help with the babies and the younger children in Mirian's house. We are so proud of the job she is doing. She has really stepped up to the plate. She helps with laundry, showers, homework, and whatever else is needed.
Brayan also has a job. He is working for Byron at the cafe. Brayan waits on tables, buses tables, makes some of the smoothies. He, too, is good help and always has a smile on his face while working. The kids know they have to keep their grades up in order to keep their jobs.

It is the time of the year to see the dentist. Nohemy, Cindy, and Ana all had one tooth pulled. They were all baby teeth and as rotten as could be. Even though I held their hands and let them squeeze my hand as hard as needed, there was a lot of tears from all three girls. Jackson's treatment will wait until another month. Nohemy is going to have a lot of treatment. She has horrible teeth and her lower jaw sticks out further than her upper one. An expander is coming soon and then other things she probably will not enjoy. Next week three or four more kids will see the dentist.

The twins are growing. Formula has been changed a couple of times, and I think we have finally found the right one. They are both sleeping through most of the night. Mirian is finally resting, too. The babies both have some problems and will be seeing specialists.

The current mayor of Tegucigalpa is running for president. His wife visited Casa. Most of the kids were in school, but she visited with the preschoolers. They especially enjoyed the cake and pepsi she brought for them.

After a month in Copan for language school, our new Casa intern arrived. Christina is from Tennessee and a graduate of Freed-Hardeman University. She was a Honduras Hope intern last summer. She has committed to working at Casa for one year. We welcome her to Casa.

A couple of years ago, we got chickens. The chickens laid eggs for us until they could lay no more. They were killed and we enjoyed chicken soup for a while. Forty new chickens have arrived and already laying eggs. These chickens are laying many more eggs than the old ones ever did.

And speaking of eggs, hunting Easter eggs is not a Honduran tradition, but we let our kids hunt them this year. Karen and Nicole hid the eggs. The little kids hunted first and then the older kids. Everyone had fun.

This morning as the kids were finishing chores and coming outside to play, Antonio and Fernando began playing soccer. Antonio fell and was hurt. Marc rushed him to Tegucigalpa. His tibia is broken and he soon will be in surgery. Please pray for him.

As the kids are becoming teenagers and entering puberty, they are facing more and more challenges. Please lift up these kids in prayer. Also, please pray for us. Pray that God gives us the wisdom help the kids deal with their challenges. We appreciate your encouragement, support and prayers. Please, don't stop those things. The road is long and hard for the kids and for those of us trying to guide them.

Please feel free to share this newsletter. If you have any questions, email me at terriltindall@yahoo.com

Terri Tindall

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Suffice it to say, this has been a trying week.  One of those that make you question if you are really making a difference or not.  Every parent faces these weeks.  With 24 kids the problems and challenges grow exponentially. I have prayed and wept over some of these kids this week.  Karen and I both are exhausted physically and emotionally.

Today seemed calmer and much more manageable.  Karen is trying to  take her day off.  About 9:00, Antonio and some of the boys were playing soccer.  Antonio fell.  He has broken his tibia and will soon be in surgery.  Please pray for him today.

Thank you for your constant prayers and love.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dump Day

Today is dump day.  It is the only fundraiser we have to raise money that enables us to keep feeding people at the dump.  To help mothers with milk for their babies.  To help get some of the dump kids in school.  There is so much more that is done in God's name as well.  And His good news his being shared as well.

Marc and I started our fast yesterday after lunch.  Right now, I am not hungry yet.  But, I will be before the day is over.  As you fast today, please remember you can break your fast whenever you want.  You could walk in the kitchen and get cookies or chips or fruit or make a great big breakfast.  Please think of the people all over the world, not only in Honduras, that are fasting because they have to.  Because they don't have anything to eat.  Or they choose to feed their children first.  Please, remember to thank God today for how blessed we truly are. 

If you wish to contribute please send a check to:
Honduras Hope
P.O. Box 9222
Columbus, MS 39705  and mark it dump fund. 

You will bless and be blessed.

Happy fasting.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Anyone who has ever had employees knows they can be a big headache.   Karen and I certainly have had our share of headaches with the Casa employees.  Some things are funny.  And, some, certainly are not funny.  Some things are not comprehensible to the American mind.  In spite of the headaches and misunderstandings, we have awesome employees. 

Nearly all of our employees go above and beyond the call of duty when we need them to.  Extra things are always appreciated.  Our employees work for minimum wage.  Honduran minimum wage, which is much less than the minimum wage in the States.  But our employees do  much more for these kids than taking care of them and cooking and cleaning for them.  Dilma, Doris, and Kathy sometimes bring little treats for everyone.  Denis buys a 2 liter coke to be shared by all at lunch every once in a while.  Monday at school was a party day.  There were treats for sale.  Some of our kids had money from allowance and some did not.  Both Nadia and Doris gave all the kids some money.  Nadia gave them five limpiras a piece and Doris gave them three. 

Our employees have so little to spare.  I think it is thoughtful that they do little things for the kids.   They also do things for us, but it more like giving us a bigger serving of food, like we need it.  I am thankful for loyal and thoughtful employees.