Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Change For Fernando

Last week, Karen and I discovered that one of the older boys had been picking unmercifully on Fernando.  Of course, this was not happening in front of us or any other adult.

Adonis, who lives in the other house, had a bedroom to himself.  There is a four year old, a two year old and the babies and two girls also living in that house.  Adonis is the oldest.  And due to the fact, he thought the younger kids were getting more than their fair share of attention, Adonis was always acting out.  Trust me, he was getting plenty of attention, but not the kind he needed.

Karen decided to move Fernando into the other house and into Adonis's bedroom.  She talked to Fernando and Mirian.  Then Fernando had to go talk to Mirian.  Fernando came running back with a huge smile on his face.  Fernando then told Adonis he was moving into his house and his room.  Adonis and Fernando hugged each other.  Fernando began saying he would share his clothes. 

Sunday night, when I was in Mirian's house, Fernando was still smiling.  Monday morning, they sat by each other in devo.  Fernando was still smiling Tuesday afternoon and said he liked his new room.  We hope both Adonis and Fernando keep smiling and liking this new change.  We also hope it proves to be a good decision and beneficial to both boys.


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