Friday, May 25, 2012

Gas Guzzlers

Most of us think of a gas guzzler as an SUV or other vehicle that uses a lot of gasoline.  At Casa de Esperanza, the term has a whole new meaning.

It has been a long day.  A really long day.  Matt and Christina are gone.  Nicole had a mandatory meeting at Teleton.  It was market day.  It was visitation day.  One car is out of commission, leaving only one to accomplish all of the above.  The teachers were striking and all the kids were home with tons of homework to do.  Karen, Dorian and Korbin were all sick.  It was decided Nicole would go to the market before her meeting since only one car was available.  She left here at 10:40 and returned at 6:40.  Sounds like one of my days.  She did not leave Teleton until after 5:00.  She stopped at Little Caesar's and got a hot and ready.  I was thankful for that. 

Right before she got home, Karen called.  Karen was talking so fast I could not understand her.  But, I heard the word gasoline.  And then I heard some of the kids' names.  Three kids drank gasoline from a bottle Reina found.  She managed to sneak it into the house and hide it.  Then, when no one was looking, she drank some of it and generously shared it with two others.  Josue reeked of gasoline.  The other two did not smell quite so bad. 

Nicole walked in the door with the pizza and I said did you unload the car?  She said, "Mom, I am tired and hungry and I want to eat some of this pizza.  Then in my fast voice, I said three kids drank gasoline.  Somehow, we inhaled some pizza and she got Haley ready for bed while I unloaded the vegetables.  Nicole told the three kids to get their shoes on because they were going to the hospital.  Cindy, Daniela, and Rosy were quite upset about someone having to go to the hospital.  Somehow, Katy missed out on this adventure and trip to the hospital.  Nicole took them to the hospital in Ojojona.  The people at the hospital said she should take them to Tegucigalpa just to be sure they were ok.  Nicole came back here and she and I went to Tegucigalpa.  I carried a sleeping Haley up to the car where Nicole and the kids were waiting.

Karen and I both had checked the internet to know what to do.  The site I read said that anyone that drank gasoline would burp and pass gas several times for a couple of days.  And it would smell like gasoline.  Maryuri entertained herself all the way down the mountain by passing gasoline gas.  She thought it was so funny. 

All three kids were so scared and so nervous.  Reina began to say she needed to use the bathroom.  Then she started crying.  From experience, I know when Reina says she needs to go and then starts crying, she is going to wet her pants.  There is not much shoulder on the windy, curvy road down the mountain, but I found a safe place to pull off.  Nicole was going help Reina use the bathroom on the side of the road.  Reina and Maryuri both jumped out of the car.  Nicole held Reina where she didn't go all over herself.  Reina got back in the car.  Nicole starts laughing.  Maryuri is in a one piece zippered pajama.  With rubber boots on as shoes.  Nicole had to nearly undress Maryuri for her to go to the bathroom.  She had to hold Maryuri's arms and the arms of her pj's. 

We went a bit further and Maryuri and Reina both started crying and saying they needed to go to the bathroom again.  I told them we were not doing that again and we were nearly to the hospital.  I drove a little faster.  Maryuri had a complete meltdown for a few minutes.  Nicole talked kindly and gently to her.  We arrived at the hospital.  Nicole is carrying Haley, I am carrying Josue and Reina and Maryuri are running for the bathroom.  I guess they were so scared that they just had to keep going to the bathroom. 

When they were called, Nicole went with them and I stayed in the waiting room with Haley.  We were sitting there talking and watching tv.  She turned and looked outside.  It was very dark.  She saw two doctors walking around out there.  They both had on their white lab coats.  Haley started screaming and would not quit.

Meanwhile, the doctor is giving the kids very thorough exams.  He determined no gasoline got into their lungs.  They will have tummy aches for a few days, but he gave medicine to help with that.  Other than that, they will be fine.

Since the hospital is right next door to Wendy's, Nicole thought we should get a frosty.  All four kids were wide awake and I knew if she got one, they would all want one.  A very bad idea at 10:30 at night..  So I nixed that idea and we came home.

I know Karen, Nicole and I will sleep much better knowing the kids are ok.

I hope the next gas guzzler is a car that uses a lot of gasoline and not a kid that drinks it.


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