Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another Nightmare In Hospital Escuela

Anyone that has ever visited Hospital Escuela knows the deplorable conditions that exist there.  After living here for five years, we have seen and heard some awful things.  This is definitely one of them.

There is a couple named Arturo and Katia.  Marc met this young couple in the dump and befriended them.  When their baby boy was born a couple of months ago, his intestines were on the outside of his body.  With some of the money from the dump fund, we were able to pay for the surgery needed for this baby.  Marc visited them in the hospital every day and when it was time to go home, Marc took them home so they did not have to ride a bus. 

Things went well until Baby Arturo developed an infection and was taken back to the hospital.  He was in the hospital for a couple of weeks.  On Saturday night, Marc received a call from the dad saying the baby had died.  Marc left early Sunday morning to go help the family with the funeral.  Minutes after Marc received the call the baby was manually revived.  Marc stayed with the family most of Sunday.  The baby died 2 more times on Sunday and two more times was manually revived. 

Hospital Escuela is a teaching hospital.  They were using this baby to teach the medical students and nurses how to manually revive a dead person.  There was a new person in the room about every 20 minutes.  The baby had no brain function and, for all practical purposes, was dead.  The parents were not allowed to leave the hospital with their baby.  They he was not going to live.  They wanted to take him home and hold him and keep as comfortable as possible until he died.  But they were not allowed to leave. 

The baby died this morning and Marc is on his way to help the family.  Please pray for this family.  They have lost their baby boy.  But they have been through a horrible week as their child was used by the hospital. 



Jeanne said...

Terri, this just breaks my heart. What a shame that this family was not able to let their baby son die in peace in the arms of his parents at home. I cannot even imagine what they've had to go through. Praying for them to find peace and be able to forgive. Praying that you and Marc, and others, can minister to this family, as I know you are already. I love you, sweet friend, and am so thankful that your work in Honduras has brought this family to you.

Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine a more horrible thing for parents to have to endure. This just hurts my heart for this family and for you and Marc. I cannot even imagine how agonizing it has been. I am so thankful you and Marc have been there to support this family. I will be praying for comfort and peace as this family continues to mourn the loss of their precious son. I love you both, Kim