Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Once upon a time, Marc was a successful businessman.  And he worked all of the time.  I would often say, "Just stop.  For just a little while, just stop."   Sometimes he would and sometimes he would not.  We gave up that way of life and moved to Honduras. 

I love my job (jobs) at Casa de Esperanza.  I can't imagine doing anything else.  There is still a workaholic among us.  And it is not Marc, even though he works long hard days.  It is me.  I never stop.  Never.  Even when Marc says, "Just stop.  For just a little while, just stop."  There is so much to do and I am never at a stopping point.  I never can say, "Everything is done."  I can never say the end is in sight.  So, I keep working.

God has blessed us with many friends.  In the other life,  I was fairly regular with communicating, either by phone or email.  When we moved to Honduras, one of the things I committed to myself was to be regular in communication.  And at first, I was very faithful in communication.  But the busier I get and the further behind I get, the less I communicate.  Yes, I blog.  I try to answer email concerning groups and Casa de Esperanza.  I am not even as good at that as I once was.  But, I do not communicate with my family and friends like I should.  Like I want to.  Not even my sweet little Camille. 

Last night I facebook chatted with a friend.  And, this morning I had a day-brightening chat with Ruthann.  Both of these chats lasts only a few minutes.  Both made me feel much better.  Both made me realize I how I needed to be having these little chats and little phone calls more often.  I am blessed with friends and I need you guys.  I need to stop working for a few minutes or seconds and send a brief email, or happen to catch you when  you are on facebook. 

Hopefully, I can put my work aside and communicate better.  We will see, won't we?


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