Sunday, May 20, 2012

A New Baptistry And Stage

The church in Santa Ana will soon be seven years old.  Like many Honduran churches, this one receives some support from a church in the States.  But, this church has always tried to do as much as it could without aid. 

From the beginning, the baptistry has been outside.  That is ok in February, March, and April.  But when it is cold and/or rainy, having a baptistry outside is not ideal.  It suffices.  A while back, it was decided to move the baptistry inside.  After proper permission was attained, work began.  There was volunteer labor by church members, thus, cutting the cost to only materials.  The church ladies brought meals to the men working.  Since the church building is right behind my house, I could hear the workers laughing and talking.  Fellowshipping as Christians should.  It reminded me of the new ceiling in the fellowship hall at Antioch many long years ago. 

In addition to the baptistry, a stage was added also. 

The baptistry is at the back of the stage and remains covered when not in use.  By digging the baptistry into the floor, space was saved.

The children are performing on the stage.

Everyone is so proud of the new baptistry and stage and proud that they were able to build it without outside help.


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