Friday, May 31, 2013

A Heart Breaking Day

Today was visitation day.  It is about my least favorite day of the month.  Some of the kids don't have visitation and some don't have anyone to come visit them.  And, then some get all excited and wait on mom and she doesn't come.

It was a crazy day.  It was also pay day.  Fernando was graduating from Teleton and had to get back out here in time for visitation.  And one employee was leaving at noon.  We knew all this when the day started.

Karen called mid morning and said Maryuri and Cindy's mom was not coming.  This was not good.  Cindy and Maryuri went to school excited about Mom coming and then were going to find out she was not coming when they got out of school.  Karen and I both knew this good be a potential problem, especially with the employee that was on duty.  Cindy and Maryuri both could react rather violently.  I would definitely need to be up there during visitation.  They both like to help and work with someone.  I decided I would pull them out of the mix and we would work in the inventory room. 

I just wanted to love them to death this afternoon.  I knew their little hearts were broken. 

The three of us carried mops and brooms and disinfectant and away we went.  First stop was the store, for m&ms.  M&Ms can cure a whole lot of hurt.

Brayan's mom didn't come.  Any and Yair's mom didn't come.  Jackson's mom came 20 minutes before it was over.  He went running up there with a gift he had made for her.  Josue walked around on the cancha looking and waiting on his mom.  She came at 3:00, which is when visitation ends.  He and Nohemy went running up and got to say hi and hug her. 

It makes me so angry and I hurt for these kids.

Cindy and Maryuri were good little helpers.  We got a lot of things organized. We all swept and swept and swept.  It was so ditry in there.  We ate on our m&ms.  Cindy mopped more than once.  Both of them just wanted to please.  There was lots of praise for their tasks.  The two hours passed quickly.

Please pray for these little hearts.  No matter the reason that they have been removed from the home, everybody loves Mom and it hurts when she doesn't come on the one day of the month they are allowed to see their children.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


With 23 kids, there is a lot going on here everyday.  Appointments.   Several different school schedules. Employee's schedules.  To name a few.  Most of the time, between Karen, Nicole and I, everything gets done and works well, but once in a while, we forget something.

Maria asked me this morning if she could get her pay today.  Friday is payday and, after her shift today, she would not be back until Sunday.  I told her yes.  She gets off at 4:00.  I had plenty of time.  I had many interruptions today.  I thought about her pay a couple of times.

The group came at 3:00.  I opened the store.  And then, I was just sitting outside visiting..  At 4:15, Nohemy walked up and said,"Maria.""  I didn't even let her finish.  I jumped up and ran to get her time sheet and ran to my house and got her pay ready. 

That was the little oops and was easily fixed.

I paid Maria and checked her out.  As  I was walking across the cancha, Nicole says we forgot Any and Josue.  I looked at her and said forgot them where.

Any and Josue go to afternoon kindergarten.  Mirian leaves at 1:15 and walks them over.  They get out at 4:00.  I used to go for them all time.  Now, Karen goes some.  Doris goes some.  Dilma goes some.  The kindergarten teacher called Mirian and said is Karen coming?  Mirian said coming where?    The teacher said for Any and Josue.  Mirian then asked Karen if she was going for the kids and Karen said what kids.   Dilma and Doris were both helping with homework.  The end of kindergarten slipped every body's mind. 


I don't think any of us will get Mother of the year.

Yvette, the teacher took them home with her and then someone from here went to her house. 

We probably won't forget the kindergarteners again.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

El Aguacatal

El Aguacatal is a mountain community above Ojojona.  Richard has been working up there for a long time.
He now has church in Ojojona on Sunday morning and then goes to El Aguacatal and has afternoon services.  He visits and has Bible studies all day Thursday.  Most Sundays and most Thursdays, Matt is helping, too.  Most Sunday afternoons there are between 80 and 90 people at church.  This summer a church building will be built up there.

Bibles and Sunday school material were recently purchased and today, the Ritzel team did a food distribution.  The people that live up there are really poor and they were  appreciative of the food today. 

Praising God for this growing community of believers.

Friday, May 24, 2013


Today, Karen went to the high school to get report cards.  Brayan was the only one of the three older kids that had no red notes.  Karen talked to the teachers and they said he was trying hard and not causing problems.  The grades were not perfect and there is a lot of room for improvement, but he is passing everything.

Last year at this time, he was not passing several subjects.  He had a horrible attitude and was in danger of being thrown out of school.  There were many nights we fell on our knees and cried out to God on Brayan's behalf.

I am so proud of him.

Please, please keep your prayers going for him.  He faces huge temptations every day.

This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago.  Brayan was leading singing in church.  Again, I was so proud of him.  He stood up there and led the songs with such confidence and a big smile on his face.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Working, Working, Working

Daily progress is being made on the mission house.   I am praying for quickly, safely, and correctly.

Tuesday morning I went to check things out.  And, I went again this evening.

Materials are stacked everywhere.

Haley is a bit upset that the sand is not her personal sandbox.

Tuesday morning this is what I saw.

This evening, Thursday, this is what I saw:

We have lights up and the men are working from 6:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.  I commented on how much change I could see from Tuesday morning.  Nicole said they could usually see a big difference from the time they got home each night and the time they leave the next morning.

The dining hall is nearing completion as the screen goes in the windows.

Can't you already hear the fellowship coming from the dining hall?

Thank you God, my making dreams reality.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Shopping .... And A Trip To The Doctor

Yesterday really had two parts.  After, Emily, Alejandra and I finished our shopping trip and had granitas, we went to Hospital San Jorge.

We went to meet Nicole and Baby Josue.  Josue had an appointment with the neurologist.  Nicole always has Emma Kate with her as well.  Matt and Haley had other plans, but they took Nicole and the babies to the hospital, leaving them without a way home unless I went to get them.

Josue is so scared of any unfamiliar situation.  He did well in the doctor`s office except for the actual exam.  The neurologist said he is progressing nicely.  Praise God!   We could not ask for more.  The doctor will see him again in 6 months and maybe we won´t have to see the neurologist any more.

The physical therapist told us to buy Josue some high top shoes.  I bought some that are the right length.  But, his little feet are so narrow and his little legs so thin that the shoes were way to wide and did not even touch his legs.  I wanted to buy some good shoes from Stride-Rite that fit correctly.  He needs some support for those weak, wobbly little legs.  Shoes from Stride-Rite are way too expensive to buy the wrong size.  We decided we would take Josue to buy shoes while we were in town with him.

I was dreading the mall with him.  Too many unfamiliar people.  Too many unfamiliar sounds.  Too much unfamiliar everything.  He started crying the second we got out of the car.  Considering other experiences with him, it was not too painful.  If he was being held by Nicole or me, he did fairly well.  He was crying and scared the whole time, but was not screaming at the top of his lungs

We got shoes that fit perfectly.  Nicole had to feed Josue and doing that in the car would have been far too messy.  We were all glad to be home.  And Josue, breathed a big sigh of relief when Nicole took him inside his house.  There is no place like home.

Please continue to pray for continued improvement for this little guy.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I have a new friend.  Her name is Alejandra and she is 14 years old.  I don't know all of her story, but like many here, it is a sad one.  She was abandoned when she was five years old.  She has siblings and has tried her best to care for them.  I am not sure what all she has had to do in order to buy food for these siblings.

She needed some underwear.  So, I was going to take her shopping for those things.  Emily and I left for town and met Marc and Alejandra for lunch.  Then Alejandra left with us. She had decided she did not need underwear, but clothes.

I could tell she definitely needed shoes.

We decided jeans, shirt and shoes.  The jeans were easy.  She wanted a white shirt and there were plenty to choose from.  I would have vetoed some of them.  Emily and I each found a white shirt at the same time.  The one I had was cute, but the one Emily had was far cuter.    Alejandra saw it and just giggled.  She was so excited.  She went running to the dressing room.  Emily and I looked at each other and laughed as she ran toward the dressing room. The shirt was really cute on her.  Jeans and shirt were easy and fast.  Shoes not so easy nor so fast.

We walked through the underwear department and she thought everything was so pretty.  I asked her again if she needed some and she said yes.  She chose a couple of things.  I was going to pay before we went upstairs to look for shoes.

The cashier showed us a small tear in the white shirt.  There was not another.  It was the last one.  The disappointment on her face was heart breaking.  I looked at the tear and was quite sure Anita could repair it.  I asked if I could buy it for less since it was torn.  They said yes, but the amount they knocked off was so small, they should have said no.

We went up to look at shoes.  The first pair she liked was not in her size.  Then she tried on a couple of pairs and sadly shook her head.

There are other shoe stores in the mall.  So off we went.  In the second store, she walked around and shook her head and we left.  I was sure we could find something at Magic Shoes.  She squealed when we walked in and she saw how big this shoe store was.  She found some Puma running shoes that she thought were so beautiful.  She held them up in front of face, pleading with her eyes.  I knew that was more than I wanted to spend, but I was willing to splurge.  She was talking to the salesman about size and color.  I was looking at something else just to be doing something.  The price on this little pair of shoes at which I was looking was outrageous.  I feared the Pumas were far more than I first expected.  I asked the salesman and he told me.  Alejandra heard him and she said," too much.  Let's go."  We turned and left.

We looked in every store in the mall.  Sometimes she would shake her head at the window and not even go inside.  We all know how it is to shop for shoes and not find what we are looking for.

We got to the next to last store.  She looked in the window and motioned for us all to go in.  The ones she really wanted were not in her size.  There was a different color in her size.  She tried them on.  I had read her face all along, but this time I was clueless.  She raised her head, looked at Emily, gave a thumbs up and smiled.  Success.

She hugged and hugged me and thanked and thanked me.  Then we went downstairs and had a granita.

After I took Alejandra home, we saw Anita standing in front of the cafe.  We stopped and she said of course she could fix the shirt and would have it by tomorrow.

This was a delightfully wonderful day in Honduras.


Sunday, May 19, 2013


Sometimes, the girls make pretty good babysitters.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Some Things I Will Never Think Are OK

Once a month, on Wednesday, we order meat.  At 10:00 on Friday, Dilcia and I go get the meat.  This morning it was 10:30.  The price of meat had gone up quite a bit.  Ouch!   Oops, I digress from my original story.

I took the meat for Mirian's house, left it with Mirian and came back to the office.  Dilcia took her meat.  All was well.  Or, so I thought. 

About 12:00 Karen called and said something was wrong with some of the meat.  Could I take Dilcia and Nelly back down there.  We loaded up, with the meat and went.  I, personally, did not think anything was wrong with any of Dilcia's meat.  And neither did the butcher.  There was one little place on Nelly's meat I might have questioned.  I would have asked the meat expert, my husband.  But since, he cuts mold off of bread and eats it anyway, he might have said nothing was wrong.

The butcher handled all of the meat and smelled it and told Nelly and Dilcia there was nothing wrong with it.  He gave a long explanation.  And, then to prove his point, he took a bite of our meat.  No one thought there was anything wrong with this but the gringa (me).  After he took a bite, they were convinced nothing was wrong, because they knew he would not eat bad raw meat.  He took all the meat and put it back in our bags.  Including the piece he bit.  Again, no one thought there was anything wrong with this but me.

The butcher knew he wanted to keep Dilcia happy.  He can't afford to lose Casa de Esperanza as a customer.  He gave us an expensive bottle of vinegar, some meat seasoning, and several limes, which are expensive right now.  The ladies were happy.

There are some things I will never think are ok and that is one of them.  Lucky for me, I only eat fish and chicken. 

Another day in Honduras.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day Programs

Mother's Day is a very special day in Honduras.  Every school and every church does something to honor mothers. 

The kinder program was Friday afternoon.  The one at the school was Saturday morning.  Another one at church Sunday.  Reina had one at Teleton on Monday and Rosy has hers this coming Friday.

Nicole and I went to the one at school on Saturday.  Most of our kids were in skits.  Friday night shoes were being polished, uniforms ironed, costumes laid out.  Saturday morning, most of the kids were more than a little hyper.

I always wonder how our kids feel.  We love all of the kids, but we are not their mothers.  They know their mothers are not sitting there while other kids' mothers are.  There are a couple, in particular, that act out on these days when mom should be there and she is not.

Some of the skits are cute, some are funny.  This year some were outrageously suggestive.  The camera should have been on our faces  at times.  Nothing ever starts on time, but it was still an enjoyable day watching our kids perform.

On the way to school, Nicole says, "remember when they spelled Feliz dia de Mama backwards last year?"  Guess what, they did spelled it backwards again this year.   OOPS!!

The dancing midgets are always a huge hit.  Our fourth graders are dancing away.
I think Ana has a little bit of acting talent.  She always does a great job in any role in which she is cast.

I hope everyone had a good Mother's day.

Saturday, May 11, 2013


As I have mentioned in a couple of previous posts, I am adding some new items to the Casa de Esperanza store. 

Last month,  Marc and I went to Copan.  While we were out and about, I found some new jewelry which I really liked.  I was on vacation and didn't have much money with me.  I  bought a few pieces.  The little couple selling the jewelry was so sweet.  The husband makes the jewelry and she stands in the street all weekend, every weekend, in Copan trying to sell it.  They had a precious baby girl.  The husband was holding the baby in the shade while Daniela sold the jewelry.

After I got home, I just kept wishing I could get some more.  My sweet husband, decided to make a trip to Copan to get some more before groups start arriving.  Karen and I were just a bit afraid of what he might bring back.  He did a great job.  He might become my new buyer.  LOL.

These bracelets are made of stone.  I also will have some brightly colored wooden bracelets.  From the comments I have already heard, these beautiful bracelets will not last long.

I might have to send Marc back to Copan for more.


Friday, May 10, 2013

God's Name Be Praised

Wednesday was an amazing day.  God wants His hungry children fed.  And He proclaimed that loudly and clearly.  As I fasted and prayed all day, it was really awesome to sit and watch God work.

A huge thank you to Trey for organizing this event every year.  And, a huge thank you to everyone that fasted and prayed and listened to God proclaim, "I still my hungry children fed," and then opened your wallets.

I was touched.  Over and over again.  All day.  From the $5.00 gifts all the way to the largest gift.  Children that had saved their money and then gave it to dump day.  Some of those gifts were rather large for children.  What a sacrifice.  The FCA in little Ada, Oklahoma that met at the flagpole to pray for dump day and then raised $1000.00.  The monthly donors to Casa de Esperanza and Honduras Hope.  And, then you dug a little deeper and gave again.  Our high school friends that gave.  I could go on and on.  And on.  Every single donation moved me to tears. 

And a great big thank you to the people that work behind the scenes.  Their work is just beginning as money starts coming in.  It takes everyone to make something like this happen.  But most of all, it takes a great big God.  And, I am glad He is my God.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dump Day

This morning I got up at 4:15.  That is pretty normal for me.  I like that time of the morning.  But, just an hour earlier, at 3:00 a.m,  I do not really like.  That is the time that Anita started cooking the dump food this morning.  She gets those big pots of rice and beans about that time every Wednesday morning.

That is an awful time to be up cooking, but Anita is as dedicated to her part of the feeding as Marc and others are to getting it to the dump and making sure the people get fed.

Today, is dump day.  We are asking that you think about how blessed you are.  I am thinking you probably did not wake up hungry, unless you started your fast yesterday.  The way we continue to buy those beans and rice that Anita cooks each week is through donations.

Fast and pray today. If at all possible, make a donation.  No gift is too small.  God has a way of blessing and multiplying.

P.O. BOX 9222

Please mark it for the dump fund.   All donations to Honduras Hope are tax deductible.

Thank you in advance for prayers and your donations.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Progress At The Mission House

I just can't seem to stay away from the work at the mission house.  It is so exciting. 

The dining hall is nearing completion.  The adjectives I would choose are beautiful, awesome.
 Honduras Hope was worked into the tile.  This was a surprise for us.  A surprise of which we greatly approved.

There were many people working on footers and rebar towers for the rest of the dorms.  Cynthia White, don't you wish you were here to help build those rebar towers.

Remember dump day is tomorrow.  Many, many prayers make dreams become reality.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

San Lorenzo

Friday is Matt and Nicole's day off.  Mine is usually Tuesday.  Last week payday fell on Tuesday, so I worked.  Wednesday was the first and that means grocery day.  I decided to take my day off on Friday.

We sort of took the day off and sort of worked.  We went down to order new lenca pieces for the store.  We enjoying going down there.  And the lady loves Haley.  She loves Emma Kate now.  Until Friday, she had not met Emma Kate.

Where we go to buy our lenca is much further south than Santa Ana, therefore, it is hot.  There is one place we stop to get something to drink and use the bathroom, then we go on to the lenca shop.  I will say, we have some nice new pieces ordered.

Since it was our day off, we drove on to San Lorenzo for lunch.  San Lorenzo is a port town on the Pacific.  And, San Lorenzo has some of the best sea food restaurants.  We also discovered, some of the best frozen lemonades.  And, there were no free refills.  Not that we really cared as hot as it was.

Nicole's lunch

Grammy is having more fun than Emma.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Katherine is one of the girls Marc met at the dump.  She is 19 or 20.  She is pregnant.  Very pregnant.  Her baby is due any second.  Katherine doesn't have much family.  Her brother is in prison, as is the baby's father.  Thursday night, she thought she was going into labor.  Multiple times she thought that.  And she called Marc each time.  No one in this house got much sleep that night.

I got up early Friday morning, read my Bible, worked out and was rushing through the rest of my morning when,to my great surprise, Katherine walked out of a bathroom.  Little did I know, there had been a laboring woman in my guest bedroom. 

She kind of hung around yesterday.  Marc took her back to town to get clean clothes.  She decided to stay in town and told Marc she would call if anything changed.  I hoped and prayed that Friday night would not be a repeat of Thursday night. 

Marc has been in town all day today.  Of course, he has checked on Katherine several times.  She called this afternoon in a panic.  Her contractions has stopped.  Marc took her to Hospital San Felipe.  Her blood pressure is extremely high and she was rushed by ambulance to Hospital Escuela.  She may need an emergency c-section.  She is scared. 

Marc is in the waiting room at Hospital Escuela.  He will be there until...   We don't know how long he will be there.  But, he wants her to know she is not alone.  That someone cares for her.

Please pray for Katherine, for her health and the health of the baby.