Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Shopping .... And A Trip To The Doctor

Yesterday really had two parts.  After, Emily, Alejandra and I finished our shopping trip and had granitas, we went to Hospital San Jorge.

We went to meet Nicole and Baby Josue.  Josue had an appointment with the neurologist.  Nicole always has Emma Kate with her as well.  Matt and Haley had other plans, but they took Nicole and the babies to the hospital, leaving them without a way home unless I went to get them.

Josue is so scared of any unfamiliar situation.  He did well in the doctor`s office except for the actual exam.  The neurologist said he is progressing nicely.  Praise God!   We could not ask for more.  The doctor will see him again in 6 months and maybe we won´t have to see the neurologist any more.

The physical therapist told us to buy Josue some high top shoes.  I bought some that are the right length.  But, his little feet are so narrow and his little legs so thin that the shoes were way to wide and did not even touch his legs.  I wanted to buy some good shoes from Stride-Rite that fit correctly.  He needs some support for those weak, wobbly little legs.  Shoes from Stride-Rite are way too expensive to buy the wrong size.  We decided we would take Josue to buy shoes while we were in town with him.

I was dreading the mall with him.  Too many unfamiliar people.  Too many unfamiliar sounds.  Too much unfamiliar everything.  He started crying the second we got out of the car.  Considering other experiences with him, it was not too painful.  If he was being held by Nicole or me, he did fairly well.  He was crying and scared the whole time, but was not screaming at the top of his lungs

We got shoes that fit perfectly.  Nicole had to feed Josue and doing that in the car would have been far too messy.  We were all glad to be home.  And Josue, breathed a big sigh of relief when Nicole took him inside his house.  There is no place like home.

Please continue to pray for continued improvement for this little guy.


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