Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day Programs

Mother's Day is a very special day in Honduras.  Every school and every church does something to honor mothers. 

The kinder program was Friday afternoon.  The one at the school was Saturday morning.  Another one at church Sunday.  Reina had one at Teleton on Monday and Rosy has hers this coming Friday.

Nicole and I went to the one at school on Saturday.  Most of our kids were in skits.  Friday night shoes were being polished, uniforms ironed, costumes laid out.  Saturday morning, most of the kids were more than a little hyper.

I always wonder how our kids feel.  We love all of the kids, but we are not their mothers.  They know their mothers are not sitting there while other kids' mothers are.  There are a couple, in particular, that act out on these days when mom should be there and she is not.

Some of the skits are cute, some are funny.  This year some were outrageously suggestive.  The camera should have been on our faces  at times.  Nothing ever starts on time, but it was still an enjoyable day watching our kids perform.

On the way to school, Nicole says, "remember when they spelled Feliz dia de Mama backwards last year?"  Guess what, they did spelled it backwards again this year.   OOPS!!

The dancing midgets are always a huge hit.  Our fourth graders are dancing away.
I think Ana has a little bit of acting talent.  She always does a great job in any role in which she is cast.

I hope everyone had a good Mother's day.

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