Friday, May 17, 2013

Some Things I Will Never Think Are OK

Once a month, on Wednesday, we order meat.  At 10:00 on Friday, Dilcia and I go get the meat.  This morning it was 10:30.  The price of meat had gone up quite a bit.  Ouch!   Oops, I digress from my original story.

I took the meat for Mirian's house, left it with Mirian and came back to the office.  Dilcia took her meat.  All was well.  Or, so I thought. 

About 12:00 Karen called and said something was wrong with some of the meat.  Could I take Dilcia and Nelly back down there.  We loaded up, with the meat and went.  I, personally, did not think anything was wrong with any of Dilcia's meat.  And neither did the butcher.  There was one little place on Nelly's meat I might have questioned.  I would have asked the meat expert, my husband.  But since, he cuts mold off of bread and eats it anyway, he might have said nothing was wrong.

The butcher handled all of the meat and smelled it and told Nelly and Dilcia there was nothing wrong with it.  He gave a long explanation.  And, then to prove his point, he took a bite of our meat.  No one thought there was anything wrong with this but the gringa (me).  After he took a bite, they were convinced nothing was wrong, because they knew he would not eat bad raw meat.  He took all the meat and put it back in our bags.  Including the piece he bit.  Again, no one thought there was anything wrong with this but me.

The butcher knew he wanted to keep Dilcia happy.  He can't afford to lose Casa de Esperanza as a customer.  He gave us an expensive bottle of vinegar, some meat seasoning, and several limes, which are expensive right now.  The ladies were happy.

There are some things I will never think are ok and that is one of them.  Lucky for me, I only eat fish and chicken. 

Another day in Honduras.


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