Friday, May 31, 2013

A Heart Breaking Day

Today was visitation day.  It is about my least favorite day of the month.  Some of the kids don't have visitation and some don't have anyone to come visit them.  And, then some get all excited and wait on mom and she doesn't come.

It was a crazy day.  It was also pay day.  Fernando was graduating from Teleton and had to get back out here in time for visitation.  And one employee was leaving at noon.  We knew all this when the day started.

Karen called mid morning and said Maryuri and Cindy's mom was not coming.  This was not good.  Cindy and Maryuri went to school excited about Mom coming and then were going to find out she was not coming when they got out of school.  Karen and I both knew this good be a potential problem, especially with the employee that was on duty.  Cindy and Maryuri both could react rather violently.  I would definitely need to be up there during visitation.  They both like to help and work with someone.  I decided I would pull them out of the mix and we would work in the inventory room. 

I just wanted to love them to death this afternoon.  I knew their little hearts were broken. 

The three of us carried mops and brooms and disinfectant and away we went.  First stop was the store, for m&ms.  M&Ms can cure a whole lot of hurt.

Brayan's mom didn't come.  Any and Yair's mom didn't come.  Jackson's mom came 20 minutes before it was over.  He went running up there with a gift he had made for her.  Josue walked around on the cancha looking and waiting on his mom.  She came at 3:00, which is when visitation ends.  He and Nohemy went running up and got to say hi and hug her. 

It makes me so angry and I hurt for these kids.

Cindy and Maryuri were good little helpers.  We got a lot of things organized. We all swept and swept and swept.  It was so ditry in there.  We ate on our m&ms.  Cindy mopped more than once.  Both of them just wanted to please.  There was lots of praise for their tasks.  The two hours passed quickly.

Please pray for these little hearts.  No matter the reason that they have been removed from the home, everybody loves Mom and it hurts when she doesn't come on the one day of the month they are allowed to see their children.

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