Sunday, June 2, 2013

Time Clock

When Casa first opened, there were not many employees.  Karen worked with the kids and she knew who was working and who was not.  And she did payroll, too.  It was easy for her to pay people.  After a couple of years, we had more employees.  Karen worked with the kids and I did payroll.  I did not always know who had worked what day.  So we got a sign-in book.  There were a couple of grumbles about this, but soon everyone was used to this.

This system continued to work until recently.  There are two employees that are consistently late and consistently sign in the wrong time.  Karen and I are not blind.  We knew this was happening.  We talked about time clock. 

I began to check for time clocks at Office Depot and Larach and the places I thought would have one.  Then Matt and I began to check more obscure places.  We could not find one in Tegucigalpa.  Karen and I would let it slide for a bit.  But we grumbled among ourselves about these two employees being late and writing an earlier time. 

I began to look for a time clock again.  This time I looked at Office Depot on line.  I found one and ordered it. 

We wanted to have everything working for the pay period beginning June 1.  As I paid people Friday, I explained the new time clock and showed them how to use it.  It was taking about 15 minutes per person to explain adequately.  Some employees had used one before.  Some understood completely what we were asking them to do and some were really confused.  I have assured all of them, they can ask questions as long as they need to and they can come get Karen or I if they have a problem.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we did not get the time clock operational until today.

Yesterday, since the time clock was not installed, every single employee came and asked what they were supposed to do.  I said write in the sign in book. 

Today we could have filmed this and had a really funny sit-com.  Some people were here and working before the clock was installed.  So what were they supposed to do about sign in.  Could they use the book and start using the clock tomorrow.  One that is always late came rushing in five minutes ahead of his assigned time and then was so worried because the clock was not installed.  If he continues to get to work on time, I guess the clock will serve its purpose. 

Karen had put out a memo to explain the new time clock and the rules concerning the clock.  One person even told us that a memo was only for the purpose of correcting someone when they had done wrong.

The electricity has not been on for 24 hours straight in I don´t know how many days.  As I set the clock, we had another round of questions about the electricity.  Well,  I can see that might be a problem as many times as it goes off each day. 

I hope the transition from sign-in book to time clock goes smoothly and that everyone adjusts so we can spend our day worrying about something else.

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