Friday, June 14, 2013

Just In Time

Things at the mission house began to wrap up quickly Wednesday and Thursday, thankfully.  Yesenia and crew showed up at 7:00 p.m. Wednesday to clean.  And worked until after 3:00 on Thursday morning.  Most of the day yesterday many little details were being taken care of.  Such as pillows, shower curtains. 

I worked most of the day moving into the new store.  Nicole and some of the kids helped me.  I thought when I loaded the car and left at 3:30 that I would unload and come right back so I could clean up some before dinner.  I was really dirty.

 There is always something that takes longer than expected.  Many of the store items had been placed in the dining hall because the shelves were being assembled in the store.  As Yesenia began to ready dining hall for dinner, the kids moved the store things closer to the store.  They put them on the porch.  But the way the wind was blowing, and with it raining, things were getting wet.  I began to move all those things.  Just as I finished and thought I would run home and change clothes, I got a call that the group was on its way.

I could hear the bus coming up the hill.  As the group began to get off the bus and walk in, I have to admit I was glad I was the one saying, "Welcome to the BRAND NEW mission house of Honduras Hope."  It was exciting and at that moment it did not matter how dirty I was.

I assigned rooms and everyone unloaded their stuff off the bus.

It was exciting to see lights and doors closed instead of the outside lights burning as men frantically worked into the night.

How exciting it was to see tables and chairs and people and a fire burning on a wet chilly night instead of the dining hall being used as a storeroom.

Even Tibbie was excited.  But I think she thought she was going to get some of Yesenia's good cooking.

More folks arrive today and tonight the new mission house will be full.

God has answered our prayers, not only for this mission house and the ministry it will sustain, but that it was finished on time and without accident to the workers.  Quickly, correctly, and safely was what I prayed every morning. 

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