Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Church Week

Last week was house week.  Fifteen houses were built.  Meaning fifteen families now have a roof over their heads.  A few houses are being built this week, too.  But this is church week.

The floor in the Ojojona church was very uneven and broken.  There were many places you did not want to put your chair because the chair could not sit on a level place.  Sunday afternoon the old floor was torn out. 
Monday some more work was done, but in true Honduran style, most of the day was spent waiting on the concrete, which never arrived.

This morning rebar was tied and laid.
A couple of hours later the concrete was being poured.
I hope to have a picture of the finished floor later in the week.

In the two hours in between the these two pictures, I drove to El Aguacatal, where a new church building is being built this week.

The church in El Aguacatal has been meeting outside of someone's home.  After Sunday morning services are over in Ojojona, Richard drives to El Aguacatal and has church again.  Matt has been helping him for the last several months.  They also visit and study up there on Thursday.  Bibles and Sunday school material were purchased recently.

It is about 45 minutes from Ojojona to El Aguacatal.  Forty five minutes over a bumpy, dusty, mountain road that climbs high above Ojojona.  I put the windows down and thoroughly enjoyed the bump, dusty mountain road with the wind blowing through my hair.  It was just what  I needed.

As I drove the views were spectacular,

and, perhaps, a bit unusual.

 Poor old horse.  He had quite a load.

Some of the switchbacks were a bit difficult to negotiate.

Not an Illinois cornfield, but a cornfield.

I realized why Matt does not get back on Sunday evening until 6:00 or later.  It was a long way up there.

One of the paradoxes of this country is that the beauty of the land hides the ugliness of the poverty.  But, you don´t have to look too far or too deep to find the ugliness of the poverty.

Finally, I saw a sign welcoming me to El Aguatacal.

And, then I soon saw the church building being constructed, three walls and a floor complete.
It will have a gabled roof.  And there will be Sunday school classrooms.

I am so thankful for Richard and Matt sharing the gospel in this mountain community and I am thankful for those building this church building.  I pray the people in El Aguacatal bring honor and glory to God's name.

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