Thursday, June 6, 2013

And Let The Summer Begin

I can't believe the "busy season" is here already.  It is always busy season for me.  It seems like the last group that left in August just left yesterday and the first summer group of 2013 arrives in a week. 

Everyone is scurrying.  Scurrying to finish the new mission house and store.  Scurrying to buy the last minute plane tickets.  Scurrying to get all the new products in and priced. 

The interns are here.  A really great group.  They are off having a team building experience before that first group gets here.

It is going to be a really awesome summer and the devil is scared.  I know he is because he is throwing a lot of darts our way.  More vehicles are broken than are running.  Luis is scurrying to get all the cars fixed.  If broken cars were the only darts, we would be in really good shape.

Our God is a great big God and He will deflect these darts and reign victorious. 

We will have groups here from June 13 to August 14.  Please pray for the groups, the interns, the staff and all the people to which we will minister. 

It will be another great summer in Honduras.


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