Monday, June 17, 2013

Break Time

Just because we opened the new mission house last week, does not mean every single detail is complete.  Friday night as it was time to open the store, sidewalks were being poured.  We used boards to get across.  Many other little details still have to be done. 

Today, the first ice cream order arrived.  I went to Ojojona and saw we had a small problem.  There was scaffolding in front of the store and the men were working on the ceiling of the porch.  When Dorian arrived, he told the men we had to get in the store.  They took enough of the scaffolding down that we could get into the store.  Then they all sat down.

I bought a whole freezer of ice cream and the guys on the ice cream truck loaded it in the freezer.  They slowly and carefully broke down each box.

After the freezer was loaded, I bought Haley an ice cream and I locked the store.  I politely said thank you and the men got up and began to reassemble their scaffolding.  I hope I made their day by allowing them to have an extra break.

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Anonymous said...

those workers probably wanted some of the ice cream too