Friday, June 7, 2013

Shopping With Ana

The first groups arrive in less than a week.  There is a lot, and I mean a lot, to be done before the new mission house and the new store are ready.  Today, was spent in getting a few things ready.

A couple of years ago, Brayan started helping some in the store.  Last year Ana started helping and this year Jackson will be working in the store.  I want the kids to know there is more to working in the store than going to sell and hanging out with the groups.  I want them to know where the product comes from and how it gets priced and all sorts of things.

I asked Ana to go with me today.  The main item on the agenda was going to PriceSmart for drinks.  But, when we go to town and other things need done, we do those things, too.  Fortunately, we did not have too long of a list today. 

Ana changed out of her school uniform and ate and was ready to go before I was. 

Three or four quick errands in the mall and then to Larach.  We were in the check out at Larach and Ana says, "I sure do love snickers."  So I bought her a snickers. 

We got to PriceSmart and I asked her if she thought she could push a flatbed.  I told her if she didn´t think she could it was ok and it would be harder if she took it and then could not push it.  Of course, she said she could push it.  Talk about making wide rights.   I wasn´t so sure since she ran over me before we even got in the store.  Fortunately, we both were going slow and the flatbeds were empty.

We got 26 cases of drinks.  Ana does not mind working.  She jumped right in and helped me load the cases on the flatbeds.  She only got in a position she could not get out of once.  I helped her and we got to the checkout without further incident.

We then went to La Colonia to buy cookies.  I told her what I needed to sell cookies for and what the most I could pay.  She found some cookies we have never had before in the store.  She did a great job searching for the cookies in our price range. 

It was hot in Tegucigalpa and I knew before we left Santa Ana, there would be something cold to drink after we loaded all those drinks.  After we finished at La Colonia, I headed for Circle K.  Sometimes, I just need an American soft drink.  Ana wanted a Raptor.  No, I don't think so.  A 40 ounce energy drink at 5:00.   No Raptor, but I let her have the smallest frozen Mountain Dew.  One little sip and she was saying she liked the drinks from the United States.  I hope the night staff does not kill me for letting her have a Mountain Dew.

She learned just a little bit more about the store and we had a delightful afternoon in the process.

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