Sunday, June 23, 2013

Deaf Church

I love church.  I love to sing.  I love the fellowship.  I even love sitting with 23 kids.  But, as I enjoy worship, I watch Rosy.  She can´t understand one thing that is happening in church.  And, she is usually bored.  She is receiving no spiritual instruction.

I have been thinking for quite some time about taking her to town once a month to the deaf church.  I finally acted on that this morning and she and I left for church at 9:00 this morning. 

I am always impressed when anything in Honduras starts on time.  The singing is always very expressive in sign language.  I watched Rosy and she really got into the singing, much like I do when I am in church where I can sing.  People who are deaf don't bow their heads and close their eyes to pray.  The person praying does, but no one else would know what was being said if everyone shut their eyes and bowed their heads.

Almost every church in this country is full of women and few, if any, men.  This church was different.  It was full of men and few women. 

I know no sign language.  Therefore, I was quickly bored, as Rosy must be in church with us.  It is essentially silent.  The room is warm.  And, I haven´t had enough sleep in weeks.  I might have dozed off.

Rosy enjoyed church this morning and I am glad for that.

I can never go to town without needing to do a couple of errands.  Today was no exception.  From past experience, I know Larach and PriceSmart are the busiest places in town on Sunday.  Those are two places I had to go.  That took a while.

I really hope I can maintain the monthly trip to town to allow Rosy to worship in her language.  If she has to sit through our church 3 times a month, surely I can sit through hers once a month.

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