Tuesday, June 11, 2013


It is three days before the first summer group arrives.  Much work still needs to be done.  The lists are endless.  We are racing like rats on a running wheel.  Everything will get done.  It always does.  But, this Tuesday morning is a time of calmness.  Peace.  A couple hours of doing nothing.

I had a good workout and amazing prayer time this morning.  Prayer time that I allowed God's peace to completely fill me.  I have run some errands and taken care of some stuff and visited the job site.  Nicole and I are going to town after she returns from Teleton.  We will eat lunch and run some errands, some personal, some not.  For me, the next hour, until Haley gets out of school, is a time of doing nothing, relaxing.  Enjoying the quietness.  There is no one here. 

I thank God for these few precious moments of peace and calmness.   And, then, I will be ready for groups.

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