Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Almost Finished

I waited all day.  I worked while I waited.  About 5:00 this afternoon, I could wait no longer.  I just had to go see the progress.  I knew the crew worked until after 11:00 last night and began at 6:00 this morning.  I could not believe the amount of progress.

There are doors and windows.  Toilets and sinks.  And mirrors.  All rooms have beds.  There is a lot of clean-up to do, but the details are coming together quickly.

And, the store.  Oh my goodness, it is going to be beautiful.

The store is so much bigger and so much nicer.  It has two windows.  Yay!  We get to start moving in tomorrow.

This was a beautiful surprise.  Thank you, Dorian.

The front porch of the store, another beautiful surprise.

There is another addition to the store that I know my friends from Mitchell, Indiana and other places will love.

We will get that first load of ice cream on Monday morning.

It will be finished, just in time.  Praise God.

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Anonymous said...

The Mitchell team appreciates the new addition of the ice cream! Lots of hard work coming together, you all are doing a great job and I am looking forward to seeing the finished project and spending time with friends in Honduras!